Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BIL got married

I told my friend that I cannot make it on this one Sunday sebab my BIL is getting married.
He replied..who is Bil??
I was like...face palm:|
Therefore, pre note here..BIL in law:|

My return to Malaysia in the last summer was not purely for raya..
Some part of it was because, the brother in law is getting married.
Well, we have heard about him wanted to settle down for so long...hehe..even before I got married:p 
Finally the day arrived...
Cut the story short, let`s start with the solemnization.
The akad and reception were held in one place, different hall. Therefore, overall all events were for me, done really nicely. If there`s any hiccups, I, as the guest of the day didn`t really seem to notice. For me, it was one perfect solemnization event. I was so happy for both of them.

The bride. She had the seri. She was wide smiling all day!

Welcome speech by the bride`s atuk with nikah dais as the background.

Three of the above are just few hantaran from her. I am so liking it >.< I guess it was solely due to the red roses and malay elements injected to it..Yeah..I am biased like that:P

Some of the hantaran for her. Our side chose purple as the theme with pink as additional flavor. All hantaran consist of expensive items >.< !!

Immediate family..Those who could attend. Definite sgt that I cannot wear hijab gaye gitu >.<

Meja beradab yang tidak terlepas untuk di tatarias ke tahap awesome!

Pengantin berarak masuk. The theme was red and orange. 

Lovely. Match made in heaven:)

Seriously..I couldn`t fit the whole dais in one screen...Dais was tremendously pretty!!

As I was just about to eat, my phone rang. My brother already downstairs waiting for me. I gotta rush to see my love:)

That`s the only picture I got with the pengantin baru.
Overall, the majlis was beautiful and nicely planned.
Yours truly doakan semoga rumahtangga mereka juga beautiful forever ^_^

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Dr Aizzat and isteri.



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