Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reminisce September


Around this time last year I had a ‘vacation’, alone, in Jakarta. Not entirely alone. Hubby was there. Working. Sigh..

So, I was just sort of ‘tumpang’ his hotel room while having a “blast” in Jakarta. *Excuse my sarcasms*
I remember that time; I just bought “Dr. In the House” while many others had finished reading it by that time. I tried looking for it at the Amazon or other online bookstores, but none. Anyway, I was thinking to use my Jakarta ‘getaway’ to relax because I was so tired travelling and getting involved with family matters days before that. It was fun though J

All I have in my mind was, to read the huge book till end while relaxing by the pool. For lunch, I would go hunt for various of Jakarta food nearby. After all, my friend claimed this city as Indonesia's “food heaven”. And when I feel bored, I would go shopping pula.

I was there for a week, and I had almost died of boredom just after the second day. Hahaha. Maybe my stay would be better if hubby was around. But he was too busy with work like 24/7. He has to go out at 5.30am to the workplace just to avoid the massive traffic and only arrived back to the hotel at 7.30pm or later. Oh, let me re-phrase; “MASSIVE”. The traffic in KL is nothing compared to there. Be thankful.
And because of the traffic, my shopping appetite was immediately curbed. Good huh. When I woke up (with food already served in the room. My husband is such an angel :’) ), I took some time to observe Jakarta. The view of Jakarta from my room was splendid. Considerably. But when you look down, you’ll see like “a sea” of ‘stranded cars’. Basically, that is how you curb the shopping devil inside of you.haha.

If it wasn’t due to the fact that Tanah Abang closes at 5 (if I’m not mistaken), I would have not going there by myself on working days. So, one of the day, I finally determined to go (with the push of my husband-sebab dia tanak teman la tew >,<). It was Friday, 9 am, just nice when people are supposedly reach their workplace, hence a clearer traffic. I then stayed in Crowne Plaze, next to Semanggi Plaza. It took me 15 minutes by taxi to reach the already congested Tanah Abang.

Eh jap, I was intended to write about something else >,<

Around this time in the world, people will reminisce on 9/11. Eeeeverybody remembers this event even clearer than their country’s best history, kot. Coz most of the time I just wandering around the hotel with my skirt and slipper, I had a great time watching TV which I could understand what they were saying. haha. Even then, most of the eye-catching programs were of 9/11 stories. I was crying listening to the final telephone calls from husbands, wife, girlfriends, and the most, children to their parents. Putting other perspective aside, it’s such a heartbreaking for any people who had went through a situation where your loved ones is on the phone with you waiting for their final moment. And you can’t even do anything about it. Seconds after that, the line died. That’s when you know they are gone. Sedih gila kot. Nauzubillah..Just thinking about it, I got a heartache..followed by headache.

If only what has happened to our Muslim friends is well covered and documented like this, I’m sure others won’t misunderstand us. And more, they would know what is happening there is definitely incomparable. It is definitely more terrible. The number of life taken maybe 10 times more or maybe 100 times! I do not know.
I did not mean to compare who suffers most. 

I am in mission myself. Although small, I think I have to clear out our name. If I can’t do it to 100 of people, 10 is enough. After all, Allah knows my intention. Therefore, I would be so excited to answer my friend’s questions and islam and my way of life. I tried to answer so that they won’t be ‘afraid’ of us anymore. As a result, we understand each other. Nevertheless, they never asked about 9/11. But they did ask about Syria and what is happening there at the moment since the broke of the latest news; one of Japanese journalist was shot there. The news conquered the prime time for days.

Do you think being born as superman is the only way to change the world to a better place?
You can definitely do it through dakwah too

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To M'sia's Scholars in Japan..

Following the Look East Policy...
All M'sia's Scholar in Japan are invited to participate in this:

As I discovered this by hard, so I guess, it's good for me to advertise it myself. haha..
No, I did not get any credits for this. I just want us, Malaysians in Japan to share our experience, and extending our contacts here.
This is also a good opportunity to see how others are doing and at the same time looking for opportunities for a better future, particularly for those planning to stay.
For yours truly, this seminar is something I had think of for long. So, when I stumbled upon this poster, I am immediately attracted. If only the date is not as shown, I'll be the first person to submit the abstract. Lol XP

For others, grab this chance, sama-sama menjayakannya, so that this would be a great legacy for our future children.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The curse of hari raya ke 2 @.@


A short story on my short 1433's Syawal I had so far:)

oh..and my sort of..curse:|

Since last year, asal raye ke-2 je kami atas kapal terbang @.@
Ok, the case with last year because we thought we are going to puasa for 30 days, and suddenly, the raya was cepat for a, we only arrived in Malaysia on the morning of Syawal, 2nd.

This year, it was the other way around. 
Instead flying towards Malaysia, we were flying away to Japan. sobs..
Because the flight was at 2.45pm, we managed to raya one house la juga. Alhamdulillah...then trapped in traffic to KLIA sebab lalu PLUS. lol XP Tapi papa kami anggap itu satu kecemasan, maka kami decided utk occasionally memecut menggunakan laluan kecemasan. Masa tu memang macam mission impossible sikit.
We arrived 1hour and 5 minutes before. And..the drop in luggage counter has closed!
No, they weren't cruel la...they opened it back since there was 5 minutes left actually. Alhamdulillah..

Saying goodbye to Qaleesya and her mama. This little girl is soo adorable. Budak baik. Like never cry unless u kacau her or she's too sleeeeepy. 

The flight was during the day light. I was up all the time! And later nagged hubby to buy Monopoly Deal. Believe it or not, not a cent of RM left with us. We only had 10,000 yen note with us. And no way we gonna let them change. Their exchange rate was so low. We had to isytihar hutang kat FA tersebut. And they let us. Aww...baik hati. Then hubby went around the flight looking for his friend untuk pinjam duit.haha

We arrived at 1130p.m. Hubby was so eager to shoot The SkyTree at night. I was kind of disagree to the idea coz I was sooo tired and sleepy.
However, hubby was a little bit unlucky. The SkyTree has light off that night. We happened to pass by the Tokyo Tower instead:)
Having kuzi and visiting Faeq is now my annual raya must do.
This year, Allah has better plan for us whereby, Faeq and his family has moved to Tokyo!
Rezeki Aunty Wani untuk menikmati pipi Faeq, kuzi every year for the rest of my life. haha...

Welcoming mummy Faeq, Paie to Japan. She will be fighting along me in Japan for our doctorate. InshaAllah...ganbarimashou ne Paie chan!
That's the legendary kuzi I keep talking about all this while :') Last year, I had to rebut-rebut with Liyana SCR >,< This year...this is all mine!mine!mwahahah!! Oh, below..that is baby Faeq at 1 year old:) He likes uncle Sonn (compared to me:/)

Korang tengok jela pipi die tewwwww...
Oh, Paie's house is so near to Ueno, my husband's favorite plave in Tokyo. Hence...

Our 3rd Syawal in Ueno:) I taught Paie kakigori XP
So, to Paie...Welcome to Japan.
Shall there anything I can do to assist you, ease your living in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me by any means:)
Looking forward to visit you again soon:)
p/'s a good thing you could find a house near to Ueno. Senang sangat nak ajak Sonn XP

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to squeeze 30 days of joyous to 1 day.


You ols!selamat hari raya and salam merdeka and selamat mengisi perot 3 hari cuti ni.aduh jeles >,<

Miss me?I have been in hiatus. Actually, during my hiatus, I have been so much closer to you (assuming my followers semua tinggal di Malaysia). Yep, I was home for a about a week. I tell you it was a bliss being able to puasa in Malaysia. MasyaAllah, best sangat2. Especially for hubby who had his last Ramadhan in Malaysia like 11 years ago.
I could not help giggling seeing him so excited for bazaar Ramadhan, roti john, murtabak, and all.
But I feel sad for him sebab of course we can't eat all in the list. Tak larat pon. kesian die. He managed to only eat a few slices of roti john. The others on the list??tak dapat langsung >,<
Too bad we spent the final week of Ramadhan whereby the stalls had slowly reduced in number.
Pity him not having as much selection. Nevertheless, we only had one time for bazaar pun :( Most of the time of course we eat home cook food :)
So, one week definitely isn't enough.
Put food aside, he was also excited to finally be able to perform terawikh and qiam at masjid after all these years in Japan. Alhamdulillah..

Oh before I forgot, we only raya sehari and suku aje. Pendek sangat2 T_T just because of that, I decided to go back to Malaysia for good once I completed my study. lol XP 

Here`s to tips to squeeze 30 days raya to one day :D

1. Marry someone within the same state :P

 Tak dapat nak road trip pon x apela..this really come in handy in situation di mana kita dapat beraye sehari sahaje *_*
Tapi trust me, kalo ko dah dok KL tu, perjalanan nak kemana-mana pun memang macam road trip >,<

Raya pertama is quite hectic I tell you.

This year, we spent 1 Syawal morning in Ampang, my in laws' house. First thing first is solat sunat Aidil fitri. 
I was sooooo shocked looking at ramainya orang mashaAllah..
Orang melayu tak ramai pun tapi. Indonesia..ramai gila >,< haha. 

2. You can`t squeeze all kubur to be visited in one morning.

So, I decided to visit and do tahlil ringkas at my late dad`s kubur a day before 1 Syawal. 
Syawal morning, we just visited kuburs around nearby.

3. Only indulge food at the house which you pasti sedap :p

Atau..sia-sia je ruang perut anda untuk hari itu. I don`t know you, but I macam tu. So, I did not eat until I get to the house I dah target.haha.. Kesibukan melayan sedara mara has covered me so well to keep people from acknowledge that I did not eat their raya food :P lol XP

4. Ask for kerjasama dari ahli keluarga yang lain to understand or better follow your schedule.

Alhamdulillah, both sides are very understanding towards us. I can`t thank especially my mom enough. I had a very limited time with her this time around. I promised her a better plan next time. Better yet be home for good. So, with the help of my other siblings, we plan the time to meet at our kampung since my nenek insisted to see me and my husband after a long time. We just had to rush to Seri Menanti. 
All my life, road to Seri Menanti was never that bad. If jam pun sikit di Bukit Putus where people then to slow down. But bukit putus now got bypass, I assume the problem has been taken care of although it wasn`t that serious like we experienced in KL. But that day, we stuck at the bypass for a good 1 hour!!fuhh!rintangan betul. The funny thing was, all of my siblings stuck together.haha..
Finally we made it through, clueless of the source of the heavy traffic. Maybe bottleneck..again:/

5. Marry someone who accept you for who you are and tolerable.

Important so he understood your decision also could tolerate to that. Don`t forget, we have to be accepting and tolerable to him as well.

Dah la kot..tu je.haha.
Dengan ini, terimalah sekeping dua gamba hari raya sehari saya untuk tahun 1433 hijrah ini...

Before bertolak to see my family:)bile nak bertiga nih:'D
 Eh, what is your theme for raya?
OMG!!knowing me yang suke sangat buat syarat-syarat kehidupan ni, of course I'll have theme too.
I have already decided the theme 1 year in prior. One year in prior I dah standbykan kain sume :P
I was shocked the morning raya..adeh..banyak betol turqoise :D haha.
And I saw HattaDolmat was posting that this year's most famous theme was..turqoise. So, I guess, the wave caught me too:D
In laws;) OMG..I don`t know other in laws yang sporting ghope ini. haha. Alhamdulillah..

Then in the afternoon, we bertolak ke Seri Menanti. To my nenek's house coz my mom and siblings were there.

With my family, berlatarkan rumah nenek.

Us with anak-anak buah 

Then we moved back to Ampang for meet and greet other extended relatives. We try so hard to see as many people as we can in one day. But, who am I kidding? If we want quantity, we wouldn't get quality. So, most of them, we could just salam, bermaafan and asking around the most 3 questions. Then, next!
Sebab berlari-larian ni also, I couldn`t stay at any sides to help around. So, basically, I am still not familiar with my husband`s family raya dishes >,< Semoga masih ada raya for me next year. InshaAllah..

Basically, I don't get the raya orgasm:/ I really wanna go home T______T 
I hope my homesick will end when Syawal ended (when nobody in twitter sebok-sebok rebut tarikh open house derang:/).

Apologize for keadaan caca marba of my writing. I was sooo tired at the moment. hehe..

Till then, 

Salam Hari Merdeka!

*duh!mesti banyak gila rumah terbuka 3 hari cuti nih -__-" and..I will not be invited :/

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sempena Syawal

To all readers,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin

Yours truly and her significant other.

Friday, August 10, 2012



How's puasa??
Jangan lupa manfaatkan Ramadhan sebaik mungkin:)

For those yang sedang menetap dan berpuasa di Japan, ye saya faham perasaan anda. Lol XD Panas gila kot -__-" Tapi semua tu dugaan, and bukanlah alasan untuk meninggalkan puasa Ramadhan. 
Anyways, my hobby ni selain daripada..sigh..banyak actually. Termasukla mandi dengan lama. Lol XD.
I love mandi. Lol lol XD.
When I first came to Japan and have to live by my own in Hiroshima, I was shocked looking at my water bill >,< Sangat mahal. Plus, that time I was new, so I couldn't help myself from converting the currency. It's habit for those who are new I think. or more precisely yang new and bukanlah anak orang kaye macam yours truly -__-"
Then I start making many strategies la..until one point, I showered once a day, just because I can't do shower in less than 30minutes. It's like 30 minutes or nothing. LolXD. 
Then my husband told bill was normal je..I je yang frantic sangat. Lol XD 
Only after he convinced me, I take shower at least 2x a day, with minimum duration of 15minutes. I don't want to mention the longest here:p
Please take note however, during summer, the mean duration will increase 'slightly' ('slightly' is so subjective here depending on ur mean time taken for one But it's ok, coz the gas bill turun banyak as I didn't use hot water as much. Lol XD

For those who might be sharing hobby suka mandi macam yours truly, who enjoyed relaxing in bath tub, 
I strongly recommend you this..from the famous hand made cosmetics maker, LUSH!

Fist Burst in the bath. Perisa bunge ape tah ni, i tried in Korea. After peluh2 jalan melawan arus kat lautan sardine di Myeong-Dong, bes woo berendam dalam ni sambil dgr lagu taylor swift. lol XD. In the ball tu, ada flower petals. So, when the ball burst, the flower petals will be released. Cool!:'D Oh, this thing is so wangi..after rendam, the smell will stick to you body. Quite pricey though. Tapi okla nak cuba sekali sekala:) Share the tub with your spouse, lg best;)
There's so many other bath items yet to try from Lush. hehe..I tried a few (yang reasonable price Burst in the bath ni one of my fav:) cubelah!:D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frozen juadah iftar..not for sale


Berbuka makan apa you ols?
Sesungguhnya, untung sungguh orang Malaysia. Kadang-kadang, bukan makanan berbuka tu yang menyebabkan kita seronok didatangi Ramadhan, tapi melihat semangat jiran tetangge menyambut Ramadhan bersama tu yang best. Bertukar juadah, turn moreh. Tu semua aktiviti biasa jiran rumah saya la senang cerita. Kalau tak sempat sangat nak masak berbuka tu, janganla risau..bazaar Ramadhan merata-rata kot. Restaurants, hotels, semuanya memudahkan umat islam untuk berbuka. Alhamdulillah..budaya yang tak dapat kita lihat kat mana-mana.
Tapi malang sikit untuk kami di sini..
especially untuk yang keje kat kompeni nippon la kan..
contoh terdekat suami saya lah tu.
kesian sangat balik almost everyday pukol 11mlm T___T
So, sebagai usaha untuk mendapat title isteri mithali, maka berperanglah yours truly kat dapur menyediakan juadah berbuka untuk beliau sobs..kesian makan makanan frozen -___-"
I always said to him, if you have time to eat outside, please do. So, you'll get more variety. The most I could do 4 types. He'll for sure got sick of them by second week:(
Given him yang tak fussy, he still eat the same food I froze for him so far everyday. I hope he can tahan another week before I return:) 
Ganbatte ne bebeh..Gomen I can't provide a good iftar and sahur for you :(

A day before we left for Seoul, I had time to cook this much. It's tiring though..but thinking the least I could do, is this. then I pack them in freezer bag in small amount each and froze:)

So, LDM is doable. If belum ada komitmen yang banyak like babies, and you have target to what extend the process need to continue, etc. Oh, and provided if you are not hysterical like this woman (me)!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We are featured..

Kami masuk majalah Jepun nih :'D


Lihat!lol XD
All because my tudung that day. It was so purple. Hiroshima's soccer team's color is purple (I know..purple?really?lol XD), and of course I wanted to blend in. Obvious sangat kot kalau pakai baju lain when you are invited as Sanfrecce's supporter. Nasib baik la ada tudung yang macam masuk sikit and purple top. Gosh, I am so lacking of tops in purple color *have to shop more >,<*
Then, from afar the journalist got attracted to me and pointed at my tudung assuming we do not know Japanese. Told ya my husband is so friendly that sometimes he made me worry >,<. When he started talking, the journalist instantly 'falling in love' with him and start dragging us aside while waiting for the other crew. The rest was history. And yea..he was wearing Cantona's of Manchester United -__-"

I found the magazine in my mailbox with the page I'm in, was nicely folded. It's like somebody wants to tell me I was in. I don't know who gave me the magazine.
To whoever it was, I thank you:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are 2


We are two!Already 2. Actually I forgot. Eh, we forgot to wish each other on the date if follow kalendar masihi. But we did celebrate ikut muslim calendar. Okla tu:) Actually I just remembered that we missed it until...I browse through my photos in the phone -__-" then i remembered and it has already passed for almost a week. lol lol XD kami mmg mcm tu..tarikh bile declare wassoeve tak perenahnye nak ingat. apetah lagi hitung-hitung bagai. 
For those who follow me on twitter or instagram, mesti pernah tengok gambar kat bawah ni?:D

Prepared this on Syaaban 20th. He was home at 11pm then -__-;. 

Happy Anniversary to us!weeee!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hidden Address


During our evening stroll along Itaewon's bumpy roadsides, we stumbled upon a boutique cafe yang sangat-sangat cantik >,< I so love the concept. I just had to enter and meet with the owner. Luckily, he could speak english very well without any korean accent. Unfortunately for you, I don't have the pictures with me at the moment. I sort of directed hubby to snap around. Like every inches of the small 3 storey bungalow. It isn't so spacious, however beautifully decorated with vintage concept. I think most of the items used for decorations are their own.
I'll review about this place soon when I have the photos with me. was like looking at my dream in real!but in Seoul >,< 
For now, here's the sneak peek:)
The gorgeous entrance into Hidden Address, Itaewon. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun, dan Gyeongbok Palace


So, today i'll be writing about 3 places at once. Just because I visited all 3 places in one day!
Our first stop was..the famous Namdaemun Market.
Market ni memang lol XD
I heard that here you can use nihongo to communicate. we tried and it's true indeed.
But to bargain?never la in ur dream. lol XD. the ahjumma akan straight away lose interest in you and switch to other customer. maleh die nak layan. And let you be. Something like that..sedikit impolite. 
Many bloggers would advise you to buy your souvenir here. I would to, except, please buy inside the gedung. Don't buy those outside the gedung. Eventhough they are cheap, you can find the same stuff with even cheaper price inside the gedung.
The gedungs are so sempit, so we didn't take pictures around. But the looks, ambiance was exactly like Tanah Abang. Sama je the concept. Very small space for the selling items.
For me, what I like about Namdaemun is the gedung full with accessories >,< yeah..that includes all the keronsang all la. At first, I wasn't into keronsang too much. I don't like big keronsang sticking on my petite frame. But, after a visit here, I starting to like many other accessories especially hair clip and...ring!
Cantik gila. Before, I was not a big fan maybe because I never stumbled upon yang cantik gitew..tapi I rambang sangat>,< so, I did not buy much on exactly for souvenirs. And for me, the keronsang tak adalah cheap sangat. Macam M'sia je. So, don't waste money come here just to buy keronsang. It's really overrated.
Canila ghopenye Namdaemun Market..even sesak dari sardine can:p Maka, silala  masuk dalam gedung-gedung kat tepi tu utk suasan yang lebih tenang dan risiko lebih rendah utk mendapat XD
You know my problem if travelling? I would be short of fruit's dose. So, I just have to get them whenever I see them. Tembikai ..slrrrp
My husband ni memang friendly orangnya..He could easily making friends everywhere even in the airport tram (in which we got invitation to visit Istanbul @.@). Kadang-kadang risau kot2 die bekenalan ngan orang jahat -__-"
So, in Namdaemun, he made friends with this beard candy maker. Apparently the guy speak nihongo very well. So, the boys are so excited chatting about work, Japan, Malaysia, et cetra. I just stand aside and eat my free candies :') We went there twice and the candy maker were so excited to see my husband again. Gosh!
Top: Bear Candy Stall with one of the maker. No, hubby made friends with all of them. And they remembers him so well;)
Down: Korean Traditional Taffy-TA RAE. I am so liking this. Whenever I opened one box, thinking just to have a taste of it, I'll finish the whole box>,< so sedappppp!! I recommend you all this for souvenir. We didn't make it though. It's so sedap that we just had to keep all for ourselves:( Anyway, this candy bukan ada di Namdaemun sahaja, you can find them in many other attractions area like Myeong-Dong;)
Another famous attractions yang akan meniti di bibir-bibir pelancong ialah...Dongdaemun.
Dongdaemun in yours truly eyes sama macam ..bkt bintang area kot..where dekat satu pelusuk ni u jumpe plaza, satu pelusuk lain tetibe ade pavvy yang curlass tinggi siket. It's like they are scramble together in a place called Dongdaemun. So, kat sini banyak sangat shopping malls yang berjiran tetangge. You come out of A mall, you'll be stepping into B mall. Like that.
Tapi Dongdaemun ni sunggoh besar gah semacam when first time I stepped into the area.
But I told hubby, I wanna see Korea..mall,'s just another KL.
So, we went to the area yang macam Sg. Wang. Outside the building tulis fashion plaza.
I assumed kat sini kot yang murah gila tu..
Nak tengok dalam?
yea..I was a bit dissapointed. lol. Banyak tau plaza ni.not just one. And all...looks like this. I  turn off sikit if selling area mcm ni. So, i just jalan-jalan tengok je. They were not that cheap though. I asked for one small belt, and they charged me dalam 1000yen gitu. I could get better belt here for just 300yen:( I don't know if they were trying to kenekan I ke ape. 

Top: ooppss kantoi. That was our lunch in Myeong-Dong. The same seafood restaurant. But this time we tried BBQ style pulek..Memang hari tu hari I sauna XD Then we went to..Gyeongbok Palace.
You know Korea is no longer having raja?
But there are so many huge palaces left and well preserved as world heritage.
Unlike Japan which you may find castles (in which I consider them as small..I even think they might be just the symbolic leftovers), their palaces are huge...verrry spacious.penat kot nk jalan kalau jadi orang gaji kat XD. kalau contoh kita pegi borak-borak kt bilik A ni, pastu balik, then only you realized you left your room key..macam malas gila nak patah balik. Lol XD
It's very nice. Take note that the castle has open time. It is not accessible 24hours tau (kami la yang sengal sangat XP). 

Majestic. husband too :')
This palace besarrrrr sangat wei. Jangan la pergi masa dah nk tutup macam Memang tak sempat nk sampai belakang >,<

The metro system is so efficient and so cheap. 100yen for anywhere you go. yes, murah mengarut gile.haha.

I'll write more later:)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Myeong-Dong, Seoul

I want to continue 'reviewing' about my short visit to Korea last two weeks.
Alhamdulillah...hubby and me accomplished another place in the world atlas. That has been his life mission I guess. And I am happy to accompany him doing so:)

So, Seoul huh..who's idea was that?
You know for whoever who had been living in Japan for quite a long time, of course la he had been in Seoul.
So, this time around the idea was from me. Ngahaha..
I had a hard time convincing him. When he finally agreed, again..last minute everything. Nasib baik Seoul dekat. On the day, both of us wake up with only me bersemangat. Nasib baik lagi..we are going to Korea girls!I packed very very light. When the time hubby wanted to zip up our luggage...he was surprised because he could not find my baju.hahaha..He thought I forgot or dumb for thinking that we are going there just for overnight. Lol lol XD. You know why right..tell me who could not read my subtext?:| oh, and I did not even packed my make up:p

We arrived in the heart of Seoul around 5pm. What can I say, Seoul station isn't as congested like Shibuya/Shinjuku station. I'm being serious!
You know betapa tak bersemangatnya kami..when we arrived at the Seoul station, we didn't even had clue to where is the location of our hotel, and let alone how to get there!>,<
Still, we were still very calm. Tak excited langsung T_T Anyway, we have started seeing many Malaysians since the airport. wow..Malaysians really love Seoul I guess:)
Back to the hotel story, all I know the hotel name has the word 'Sinchon'. So, we head straight to the Sinchon station yang terletak sebelah Hongik University yang sangat famous among blogger yang review Seoul. Wokeh, now we are at Sinchon station. Again, we didn't know where to go, which exit.
All we can remember was there's 7E on the way to the hotel. We find the map, and nasib baik ada tunjuk 7E. We finally found the hotel. Tak sesat @.@ terer kan?despite tak bersemangatnye kami :'D
Why didn't I asked information dekat station?
1. Memang tak ada orang tunggu dekat station, unlike what you see in Japan. In which, kalau tiket anda rosak, memang tak ada siapa nak entertain anda di tempat kejadian pon..sengal..(I kena sekali).Only sometimes, ada mcm volunteer (kot) berdiri dekat luar ticket slot which I think mainly for security purposes sebab di Seoul pun you see ramai yang tak beli tiket juga.
2. We tried asking people around, and they did not understand a word in english. even "university". So, what is university in korean?o.O

Another story when we wanted to check-in for hotel. Disaster.
For those who would like to visit Seoul later. Janganlah anda sekali sekala berkata, "gune kredit kad je..rugi la tukar duit." hell no in Seoul. Very few kedai je yang accept kredit card. Yang of course la yang proper shopping mall in which..why do we want to go there. baik dok jepun je sudey..
We thought developed country are alike kan..I think Seoul is one of the acception la..sudahnye..kami isytihar hutang kat hotel XD. And I tell you, it took us about 30 minutes just to tell them we would like to pay! Gosh gosh..its not like ayam bercakap dengan itik orang dari planet earth nak cakap dengan planet yang belum lagi diidentify nama. lol XD But again, maybe we stayed dekat hotel yang tak famous, they did not provide somebody who can speak english. Just maybe:)
We rest, solat semua until finally we felt hungry and guilty of not be able to pay., we have to find the money changer. Since my husband was all ignorant towards our visit ni, I was the one who decides on the itinerary. So, give it all to me, I immediately decided Myeong-Dong as the first place to visit!hihi

To Myeong-Dong, my hope towards this place was like menara Burj Khalifa tu. So high until I did not pack anything. ahaha..So, I said to hubby..(with face like puss in boot) "baju takde.kene beli jugak."* Try that girls, it works :") dengan syarat..lokasi harusla dah smpai dekat cashier :'D*

So, how was Myeong-Dong?
Personally I think this place is exactly like Petaling Street. Not exactly kot..It's like Petaling Street located by the roadsides of the Bukit Bintang gitu. But hubby did not like/want me to shop from the hawker stalls. One, because they are so scary and garang some more. So, I shop only from the proper kedai around Myeong-Dong. I tried to avoid kedai macam Forever 21, HnM macam tu where I can find them in Japan. But God knows how hard I refrained myself. I ended up entering and exiting them. Yes, there's so many of them and there were all on crazy sales. My husband was not being supportive towards my mission. He kept poisoning me to just go into F21, buy 2,3 and go home. He doesn't trust Korean kedai T_T or more to dislike it? Coz he sees the girls there are wearing about the same lol XD.

Let's see Myeong-Dong at night:) 

Top: The typical look of Korean made kedai baju around Myeong-Dong. Not all murah like claimed. If you want murah, you won't get the quality, and so vice versa.  Maybe I wasn't that lucky to stumble upon what people have claimed:(
Down: The stalls. Ada banyak sangat jual shawl..but, stop if you really want to buy them. Or they'll get all angry and macam marah-marah sikit. I thought only ahjumma did that >,<

When we visit places, we will try to do as many things as possible just to feel the place more. That's for sure include the food. Most of the time, we eat in Myeong-Dong. That's simply because, we were there everyday!>,< I don't know how it happened, but, yeah..we were there everyday. Lol XD. So, we got familiar with the place and the eateries around. lol XD. 

The seafood restaurant we visited the most. And they ada waiter yang boleh cakap english fluently. No korean accent. So, we had a great chat with him about Korea:) Mahal sikit, tapi its ok la sekali sekala:) We had seafood soup. I think I know how to make this. SImply boil seafood and pour about half tan of blended chilli into the pot. and tadaaa!!!pedas gila T__T 

Inilah favorite place in Seoul.ngahaha

 Since my mission to penuhkan bag dengan baju baru made in korea tak mendapat sokongan..and I, myself was a bit kecewa on quality wise, I shifted my mission to..

Aaaa..this one, undeniably cheap, absurdly cheap! derang ni gune modal ape x tau la..haha..model mmg org jual xde la cantik sgt.ngahaha..tapi the first day, I sort of collecting their sample pack and tried on everything on my face and hubby's. Lol XD (muke tepakse suami kitew mmg comel sgt <3 agree="agree" and="and" care="care" facial="facial" i="i" korean="korean" made="made" sugoii:d="sugoii:d" td="td">
Okla, blogspot ni sengal plak.
Till then, tata.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

How's your Ramadhan so far?
Any hiccups yet?
This year my Ramadhan started with a slight fever which have already been diagnosed a day before that.
Alhamdulillah the first day was Saturday, so, I could still fast by just staying home and rest.
My health condition had actually worsen until yesterday.
My friend advised me to not fasting as she thought my worsen condition might have been due to dehydration and the fact that I was unable to take medicine during the day.
But I strongly feels like it wasn't that bad, although most of the time I appeared pale with zombie-like XP
Today I feel a bit better with occasional coughing. So,it's ok, I guess:D

Anyway, I did some study about hukum berpuasa bagi orang sakit and bermusafir.
Here's the link to the answers:

You are welcome to share your insight in this matter too.
Do leave your comments below.

Last but not least,

Salam Ramadhan from husband and me from Toyohashi Aichi and Hiroshima, Japan.
Selamat berpuasa to you, my dear beloved readers of SUPERWANI's blog!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Neon Pony

A pair of neon pony.
Souvenir he got for us for our 2nd anniversary!lol XD
It was the first pair he saw from kedai kasut in Myeong-Dong and immediately decided to buy them.
Spontaneous thing he did and I must's cute:')
And I'm happy! (although it's neon and purple..and pink!so random!)

Us in front of Gyeongbok Palace.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Langit Hiroshima

From balcony of my home, when the darkened sky is lit again by the glimpse of the sun. This stays for about 5 minutes before the sky dark again.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nami Island

Among many places we visited in Seoul, I love Nami Island the most.
Well, Nami island is not in Seoul after all. Lol XD
In Seoul, we stayed in Sinchon. Well, I have to say that Sinchon was not a good choice to begin with. But since we planned everything in a very last minute (again!), that's the only decent stay for honeymooners left. hehe..Although our hotel located nearby its loopline (the green metro line that goes circle), we still consider it quite far from the main attractions available to I must say...muslim! 
*Sinchon is called mecca of pub >,<

Ok, I told you we stayed in SInchon.
The nearest limousine to Nami Island is in Insadong (Another stop is wat Jamsil station.)
The limousine just wait there, next to the Tapgol Park (Park yang sangat cantik untuk buat sesi photoshoot:))
The right way to do it is to book the ticket first, or from many blogs I read, they usually went to buy ticket a day or two before their departure date.
Kami yang sangat bijaksana memang pergi redah aje ke Insadong. Lol XD
Trust me I woke up very early that day and I was ready so early. Tapi many things happened..haha..we ended up sprinting to catch the bus!without knowing the exact way to actually sprinting to!lol XD
But as long as u brought girls around, you can use her heart to guide you:)
We found the Tapgol Park and lines of buses next to it. Then we stop to catch a breath and suddenly..we noticed the bus was just in front of us!gahaha!!and the driver was looking at us panting for air!
That time was 9.28am. 2 minutes before the bus departed!
We bought the ticket there, on the spot and the bus departed sharp on time:) Alhamdulillah...although so many halangan, we managed to get there in time. Exactly 15minutes from Sinchon. I panted so much caused I was dragged while wearing frilly skirt T_T
Anyways, for bus from Insadong to Nami Island, it is only operated once in a day. Depart at 930am and return at 4pm. That's why if we missed this one, there'll be no more.

To reach Nami Island, you have to ride on the ferry. It'll take around 5 minutes.
When you bought the bus ticket, you'll purchase together with the ferry ticket and the visa (to enter Nami Island, you need a separate visa. Nami Island is a different republic). But don't worry, all is taken care of as long as you take the aforementioned limousine.
I'm not sure about other mechanism.

How the ferry looks like. 5 minutes ride...pendek sangat. Tak rasa apa.
Us at Nami Island entrance.

To those who is so into Korean drama and k-pop, you sure very familiar with this scene...;)

Sometimes I think this island is all about winter sonata. Everywhere there's picture of these two winter sonata cast. tsk.
Anyway, we had lunch in Nami Island.  We tried bibimbap and something that looks like pancake (forgot the name..anybody?:)). Both are hugeeee portion >,<

This is one of the sudut bergambar..dengan....gambar2 dr winter sonata.fuh..susah tau nak dapat giliran. We didn't even go during peak season. Imagine during peak season. phew.
I'm not sure whether the conteng2 was art or simply vadalism?so many Malaysians did this!They even write together with their working place. Paling banyak puspanita. haa..sape nak jawab??haha.

Nami island is really a hutan. So, you macam jalan-jalan dalam hutan..yang ramai orang.ngahah.

Okla, that is all about Nami Island. We had about 5 hours in here and I think it is enough. The island is so small>,< 
Actually, kalau rajin you can bring food here for picnic. Although I'm not sure where you gonna sit. Maybe boleh bawak tikar sekali :D *warning: I didn't see anybody doing as such.haha
For muslim, do not worry about praying space. There's musolla provided there:)

I strongly recommend you to visit Nami Island. Sekali seumur hidup pun jadila...:) 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An omiyage for you:)

From the previous post you know that I was away.
To Korea. It's his treat for our 2nd anniversary. Alhamdulillah:)

Anyway, look what Seoul have done to me -__-"

Twinkle by Girl's Generation-TTS

I was fed with this melody all over Seoul. So, it has somehow stuck in my head...till now. 
So, this is my omiyage for XD

Monday, July 2, 2012

Short trip for the winner (except yours truly)

Following this post.
The next day, me and several others got selected to follow a short trip together with the invited speakers to the famous Hiroshima's sightseeing spot; Iwakuni and Miyajima.
You guys really think I'm happy?
Urgh..I really tried my best to come out with excuses not to come.
But my husband managed to convince me, and finally I 'forced' myself to go. Lol XD

So, we bertolak at 930am(!) to Iwakuni, the place famous for the Kintai Bridge and white snakes.

Around the white snakes' house. The below picture, most left is cartoon showing how the Hiroshima governor scaring the enemy using the rare white snake, once upon a time.

Also, Iwakuni also full with ancient shrines. Top left is me with Yashioka sensei, whom is so religious. So, he briefed me about SHinto and so did I about Islam:) Top right, is me learning how they wash their hand and mouth before entering the shrine. Bottom left, is the bad luck ticket that has to be tied at this tree so that the bad luck will be left behind when they left the shrine. Bottom left, with my colleagues in front of the shrine's gate. Every structure of the shrine has meaning behind it.

Our lunch spot. Very classic japanese restaurant. Classic and sangat indah! This restaurant built around a waterfall! and part of it built on top of the river!Dalam restoran ni penuh dengan patung-patung besi and baju-baju besi and perisai-perisai. can you see?Macam tak berapa nak aman la makan sambil dikelilingi elemen-elemen beperang nih:/

The restaurant area. Located atas gunung restaurant ni.That's why ada sungai and waterfall bagai.
 Then, we move to Miyajima. It took us about 30 minutes to go from Iwakuni to Miyajima port.
By this time, everybody dah kenyang gile (except yours truly..sebab I mana boleh mkn). So, memag semua tido..haha.
We took a 10 minutes ferry to Miyajima island. The day was cloudy and breezy. Memang bestla. Spring kan:) Then we were greeted by the hotel person with 2 small vans although the hotel is just 5 minutes away from the port -__-"
Our hotel is Iwaso hotel, one of the classical japanese ryokan (ryokan means japanese style hotel) in Hiroshima. My colleague said, we might not afford this hotel if we go alone.haha.
As we arrived in Miyajima. Middle top is my colleague and me with Prof. Gordon Sato. Top right, the front of Iwaso hotel. I know right...who would have known that's actually a hotel -__-" nampak mcm rumah tinggal je -__-"
Bottom is a few snapshots I took in the Iwaso. All berkonsepkan senduk XD

Inside Iwaso Hotel. You ols nak tau, single ladies only Dr. Yamasaki and me. So, we ols dapat bilik menghadap atap rumah orang. The boys amboi, mengadap sea okeh >,< This is how Japanese ryokan looks like:)

Around the famous Miyajima. Miyajima good for those yang suka nature, and suka melawat tempat historical. Unfortunately for our guests from US, the Torii Gate (top right) was under construction that time>,< kesian depa..
Top left tu is how live oysters looks like. This pulau so famous with oyster (ka-ki) bakar. Me?uwekkk!!!geli teman. I tried. Cannot!!My husband, everytime datang Hiroshima gi carik ka-ki:/
And ada banyak lagi  la building2 yang menarik. Very nice for sightseeing:)

The acara kemuncak. DInner :) That's how Japanese dinner looks like. I show you a few of our hidangan that night. All seafood based. Aww..thank you la organizer:)

A few scenes from the night:)
Next day, they suddenly planned for inaugural hiking trip.
Miyajima is very famous for it's hiking activities. But, but..I was wearing gown weih (yea..I didn't bring extras because duduk ryokan, yukata is served. Lol XD).
If I wore pants pon, tanak..dah pernah hiking dah..penat gile T_T
The next day, I met my colleague yang tempang kaki sebab penat hiking semalam and she said she should have just follow me home instead. Lol XD

Okla, I should post this as my own remembrance to the kindness of my supervisor.
Thank you for selecting this newbie for the trip. Rasa macam tak layak..tapi buat-buat layak je la..harhar.

Jya, see you later peeps!

p/s: I really want to ajak my husband for hiking trip in Miyajima. But first, I kene sit up 100x, and joging seminggu tanpe henti dulu.fuhh..penat gile.kang berjaya naik, tak berjaya turun pula.hahaha..

Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 coins

Have you ever experienced boredom despite there`s so many things to do around you?
It`s like you have everything, but you just don`t know what to do or which one to do first, and start procrastinating?
Urghh...I`m feeling it now.
I have luxury of time and yet I don`t know how to use it wisely. I just don`t have appetite to do anything including shopping (!). Can you believe that?
I even bring myself to my favorite hang out place, 
So, I decided to just stop by one of my favorite shop for household.
Daiso? No, it`s not XP
But that`s close.
I love the 3 coins shop!! 3 coins, all stuff inside costs you 3 coins=300yen=3x100yen; hence the 3 coins.
This is rare!I know, I`m sharing with you some stuff I got for 50%. Yea..I won`t usually buy the full price items. Lol XP]
Jom tengok!
Thick felt fold-able storage box! When I saw this, I immediately thought of my baking stuff which I scramble all inside my cabinet. Lol XD No, it`s not that I don`t wanna have system. But I can`t afford to buy many household stuff knowing that this house is temporary:( Tapi ni boleh lipat, high durable, felt; water resistant and anti-dust. Very suitable for keeping my baking stuff yang disayangi <3 a hardcore pengayuh basikal yang sgt vulnarable dgn weather precipitation, this is very useful >,< Actually, I never had thought they might have come with something like this. Usually, I would just wrapped by handbag in any shopping plastic bags. Tapi I kesian tau dengan handbag yang kene sumbat2 dalam plastic bag*.* I love them, so I want to protect them well..ehe.(yea..we girls are so good with justification :D)

I thought this was coaster. Tetapi rerupenye middle table cover eh. But I don`t need any. So, this has instead make a very nice piano cover! I have been looking for one for ages! *satisfaction grin*

LAst time when I visited their store, I saw a set of highlighter nicely packed in a holder. Unfortunately, there`s none I could find today. Instead, I got this for myself at 50% discount (!). I think a set of pencil color is good enough :) Shall I get more of this for souvenir? What say you?
Most of my household are from the 3 coins. There you go, I spill it out!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bila susah nak apply US visa...

...maka I have to let a representative go instead of me.
Yours truly is the first author of this paper, but I could not go. Sedih juga actually.
But, oh well, I have already completed the graduation requirement given by the university and the sponsor.
I was supposedly scheduled to go. SInce I am a Malaysian, residing in Japan, Hiroshima pula tu, complicated sangat T_T ceh...

This paper presentend in Houston, Texas.

My requirement for myself? Not yet. A little bit more. Doing now:) Another paper in progress.

p/s: Thank you Usui sensei and Shintani sensei. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Three Arrows

Today I'm wearing a purple top. Well, not really purple. A plum purple (un)matched with a purple tudung.
Anyway, there's one sensei who always complimenting (commenting) on my appearance everyday which apparently so colorful!lol XP 
He is one of anak jati Hiroshima la boleh kata. He always proudly tell me stories about Hiroshima, always encourage me to go to Hiroshima exclusive shops, anything Hiroshima he will recommended me to try.
So, boleh kata he is so patriotic gitu.

It happens, the purple that I'm wearing at the moment is the color of Sanfrecce (read:san-frec-ce).
I know right??I was at first so synical about the name. 
Can you guess what is Sanfrecce?
It's the Hiroshima soccer team. 
San means three, and frecce means arrows. Sanfrecce as a whole means three arrows.
According to my sensei, the emperor of Hiroshima during the edo period was famous with his three arrows, hence the name of sanfrecce.
geez..I know, the rhythm doesn't feels right especially when we want to cheer for the team!lol!
Oh, and purple is apparently a Japanese red.

Anyway, I went to a sanfrecce match last weekend.hehe..
Apparently, Sanfrecce is now at second place!sugoiii!!!
My husband was so excited that I got him the ticket. hehe...He said Sanfrecce is strong. So, the game must be really exciting.
Turned out, it was exciting!!No time for your adrenaline to be degraded. lol!

The game was held at the Big Arch, Hiroshima. So easy to go anyway. The exciting part, when we reach the station, there's bus in lines to pick up the Sanfrecce's supporters (us!). So systematic. Even the bus drivers were wearing Sanfrecce's jersey. Banyak gila bas la. All for Big Arch.

When we arrived, with me looks so purple (hehe), I was instantly caught the attention of the journalist., you know, they invited me for interview and photo session. They were so teruja gitu looking at especially my XD
Tapi yang over gila jawab soalan wartawan...sape lagi..kan..mamat yang pegi tgk sanfrecce pakai baju  Cantona, Manchester United T___T tak malu sangat T_T Padahal wartawan tu tertarik ngan bini beliau yang sangat purple -__-" 
At the end of the conversation, the journalist remind us to get the magazine which will be out in XP

How's Sanfrecce?
That day, Sanfrecce faced Saitama ( XD)
I think Sanfrecce is so strong. They keep attacking the whole game. Seriously!The players were like playing just at one side of the field, i.e the Saitama's side. lol XD.
However, so frustrating though. So many climax without finishing.
Despite the performance being so satisfying, the game ended with nil for both.

Tapi Sanfrecce memang sugoii!

The Big Arch, me in now-turn-to-sanfrecce's top, and hubby in Cantona's Manchester United jersey -__-"


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