Friday, August 10, 2012



How's puasa??
Jangan lupa manfaatkan Ramadhan sebaik mungkin:)

For those yang sedang menetap dan berpuasa di Japan, ye saya faham perasaan anda. Lol XD Panas gila kot -__-" Tapi semua tu dugaan, and bukanlah alasan untuk meninggalkan puasa Ramadhan. 
Anyways, my hobby ni selain daripada..sigh..banyak actually. Termasukla mandi dengan lama. Lol XD.
I love mandi. Lol lol XD.
When I first came to Japan and have to live by my own in Hiroshima, I was shocked looking at my water bill >,< Sangat mahal. Plus, that time I was new, so I couldn't help myself from converting the currency. It's habit for those who are new I think. or more precisely yang new and bukanlah anak orang kaye macam yours truly -__-"
Then I start making many strategies la..until one point, I showered once a day, just because I can't do shower in less than 30minutes. It's like 30 minutes or nothing. LolXD. 
Then my husband told bill was normal je..I je yang frantic sangat. Lol XD 
Only after he convinced me, I take shower at least 2x a day, with minimum duration of 15minutes. I don't want to mention the longest here:p
Please take note however, during summer, the mean duration will increase 'slightly' ('slightly' is so subjective here depending on ur mean time taken for one But it's ok, coz the gas bill turun banyak as I didn't use hot water as much. Lol XD

For those who might be sharing hobby suka mandi macam yours truly, who enjoyed relaxing in bath tub, 
I strongly recommend you this..from the famous hand made cosmetics maker, LUSH!

Fist Burst in the bath. Perisa bunge ape tah ni, i tried in Korea. After peluh2 jalan melawan arus kat lautan sardine di Myeong-Dong, bes woo berendam dalam ni sambil dgr lagu taylor swift. lol XD. In the ball tu, ada flower petals. So, when the ball burst, the flower petals will be released. Cool!:'D Oh, this thing is so wangi..after rendam, the smell will stick to you body. Quite pricey though. Tapi okla nak cuba sekali sekala:) Share the tub with your spouse, lg best;)
There's so many other bath items yet to try from Lush. hehe..I tried a few (yang reasonable price Burst in the bath ni one of my fav:) cubelah!:D


  1. yeah. they go gaga over this stuffs back in 2010. never tried it out yet. kat mane nk dpt pn xtau kat msia ni. but if mandi bath tub boleh la nk burst². lol XD kami mandi shower je. haha

  2. Qyla:it is;)
    Mmolina:itula..nnt rumah baru buat tub tau;)



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