Thursday, August 2, 2012

Myeong-Dong, Seoul

I want to continue 'reviewing' about my short visit to Korea last two weeks.
Alhamdulillah...hubby and me accomplished another place in the world atlas. That has been his life mission I guess. And I am happy to accompany him doing so:)

So, Seoul huh..who's idea was that?
You know for whoever who had been living in Japan for quite a long time, of course la he had been in Seoul.
So, this time around the idea was from me. Ngahaha..
I had a hard time convincing him. When he finally agreed, again..last minute everything. Nasib baik Seoul dekat. On the day, both of us wake up with only me bersemangat. Nasib baik lagi..we are going to Korea girls!I packed very very light. When the time hubby wanted to zip up our luggage...he was surprised because he could not find my baju.hahaha..He thought I forgot or dumb for thinking that we are going there just for overnight. Lol lol XD. You know why right..tell me who could not read my subtext?:| oh, and I did not even packed my make up:p

We arrived in the heart of Seoul around 5pm. What can I say, Seoul station isn't as congested like Shibuya/Shinjuku station. I'm being serious!
You know betapa tak bersemangatnya kami..when we arrived at the Seoul station, we didn't even had clue to where is the location of our hotel, and let alone how to get there!>,<
Still, we were still very calm. Tak excited langsung T_T Anyway, we have started seeing many Malaysians since the airport. wow..Malaysians really love Seoul I guess:)
Back to the hotel story, all I know the hotel name has the word 'Sinchon'. So, we head straight to the Sinchon station yang terletak sebelah Hongik University yang sangat famous among blogger yang review Seoul. Wokeh, now we are at Sinchon station. Again, we didn't know where to go, which exit.
All we can remember was there's 7E on the way to the hotel. We find the map, and nasib baik ada tunjuk 7E. We finally found the hotel. Tak sesat @.@ terer kan?despite tak bersemangatnye kami :'D
Why didn't I asked information dekat station?
1. Memang tak ada orang tunggu dekat station, unlike what you see in Japan. In which, kalau tiket anda rosak, memang tak ada siapa nak entertain anda di tempat kejadian pon..sengal..(I kena sekali).Only sometimes, ada mcm volunteer (kot) berdiri dekat luar ticket slot which I think mainly for security purposes sebab di Seoul pun you see ramai yang tak beli tiket juga.
2. We tried asking people around, and they did not understand a word in english. even "university". So, what is university in korean?o.O

Another story when we wanted to check-in for hotel. Disaster.
For those who would like to visit Seoul later. Janganlah anda sekali sekala berkata, "gune kredit kad je..rugi la tukar duit." hell no in Seoul. Very few kedai je yang accept kredit card. Yang of course la yang proper shopping mall in which..why do we want to go there. baik dok jepun je sudey..
We thought developed country are alike kan..I think Seoul is one of the acception la..sudahnye..kami isytihar hutang kat hotel XD. And I tell you, it took us about 30 minutes just to tell them we would like to pay! Gosh gosh..its not like ayam bercakap dengan itik orang dari planet earth nak cakap dengan planet yang belum lagi diidentify nama. lol XD But again, maybe we stayed dekat hotel yang tak famous, they did not provide somebody who can speak english. Just maybe:)
We rest, solat semua until finally we felt hungry and guilty of not be able to pay., we have to find the money changer. Since my husband was all ignorant towards our visit ni, I was the one who decides on the itinerary. So, give it all to me, I immediately decided Myeong-Dong as the first place to visit!hihi

To Myeong-Dong, my hope towards this place was like menara Burj Khalifa tu. So high until I did not pack anything. ahaha..So, I said to hubby..(with face like puss in boot) "baju takde.kene beli jugak."* Try that girls, it works :") dengan syarat..lokasi harusla dah smpai dekat cashier :'D*

So, how was Myeong-Dong?
Personally I think this place is exactly like Petaling Street. Not exactly kot..It's like Petaling Street located by the roadsides of the Bukit Bintang gitu. But hubby did not like/want me to shop from the hawker stalls. One, because they are so scary and garang some more. So, I shop only from the proper kedai around Myeong-Dong. I tried to avoid kedai macam Forever 21, HnM macam tu where I can find them in Japan. But God knows how hard I refrained myself. I ended up entering and exiting them. Yes, there's so many of them and there were all on crazy sales. My husband was not being supportive towards my mission. He kept poisoning me to just go into F21, buy 2,3 and go home. He doesn't trust Korean kedai T_T or more to dislike it? Coz he sees the girls there are wearing about the same lol XD.

Let's see Myeong-Dong at night:) 

Top: The typical look of Korean made kedai baju around Myeong-Dong. Not all murah like claimed. If you want murah, you won't get the quality, and so vice versa.  Maybe I wasn't that lucky to stumble upon what people have claimed:(
Down: The stalls. Ada banyak sangat jual shawl..but, stop if you really want to buy them. Or they'll get all angry and macam marah-marah sikit. I thought only ahjumma did that >,<

When we visit places, we will try to do as many things as possible just to feel the place more. That's for sure include the food. Most of the time, we eat in Myeong-Dong. That's simply because, we were there everyday!>,< I don't know how it happened, but, yeah..we were there everyday. Lol XD. So, we got familiar with the place and the eateries around. lol XD. 

The seafood restaurant we visited the most. And they ada waiter yang boleh cakap english fluently. No korean accent. So, we had a great chat with him about Korea:) Mahal sikit, tapi its ok la sekali sekala:) We had seafood soup. I think I know how to make this. SImply boil seafood and pour about half tan of blended chilli into the pot. and tadaaa!!!pedas gila T__T 

Inilah favorite place in Seoul.ngahaha

 Since my mission to penuhkan bag dengan baju baru made in korea tak mendapat sokongan..and I, myself was a bit kecewa on quality wise, I shifted my mission to..

Aaaa..this one, undeniably cheap, absurdly cheap! derang ni gune modal ape x tau la..haha..model mmg org jual xde la cantik sgt.ngahaha..tapi the first day, I sort of collecting their sample pack and tried on everything on my face and hubby's. Lol XD (muke tepakse suami kitew mmg comel sgt <3 agree="agree" and="and" care="care" facial="facial" i="i" korean="korean" made="made" sugoii:d="sugoii:d" td="td">
Okla, blogspot ni sengal plak.
Till then, tata.


  1. Good idea! I pn tgh tnggu utk apply the trik dkt my husband jgk! :D

  2. lol XD gonna try it later during d spore trip. nak lupe bwk handbag jgk boleh x sifu? hahaha

  3. tsk..kene belaja lg nih.mcm tu obvious u need me to put an entry just to educate you..people (jeling mate ke atas).
    kalo henbeg...pakai henbeg yg x match langsung, burok, pastu jln kt tpt henbeg, pastu halekan spotlight kt diri sendiri sambil buat makeup smudge2..nnt die sendiri yang akan pakse ko beli henbeg DUA (this is true story..haha)

  4. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA XD wani gilo! aku report kt sonn. hahaha

  5. wekk..die x cek sebarang social page.wekkk:p

  6. ha? boleh eik? trick yg bagus! hehehe

  7. hi you ols girls bace smpai trick je XD

  8. Sukagmbrke 6 u look like a model on a runaway

  9. hi, came across ur blog. For quality made in korea items, perhaps you can check doota mall in dongdaemun market if u happen to visit seoul in the future. Or you can go to big malls like lotte n coex. Myeongdong caters mainly on international brand. Also, most places use credit card, cab, 7-e or even cekai hotel. It's weird that you found one w/out one. Lol. Great tips to trick hubs, btw. Sincerely, one of malaysian expat in seoul.



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