Monday, August 6, 2012

Hidden Address


During our evening stroll along Itaewon's bumpy roadsides, we stumbled upon a boutique cafe yang sangat-sangat cantik >,< I so love the concept. I just had to enter and meet with the owner. Luckily, he could speak english very well without any korean accent. Unfortunately for you, I don't have the pictures with me at the moment. I sort of directed hubby to snap around. Like every inches of the small 3 storey bungalow. It isn't so spacious, however beautifully decorated with vintage concept. I think most of the items used for decorations are their own.
I'll review about this place soon when I have the photos with me. was like looking at my dream in real!but in Seoul >,< 
For now, here's the sneak peek:)
The gorgeous entrance into Hidden Address, Itaewon. 


  1. update more photos please! cantiknya entrance dia! :)

  2. sure!!tapi xde gamba skrg T_T excited sbnrnye nk tunjok<3



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