Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to squeeze 30 days of joyous to 1 day.


You ols!selamat hari raya and salam merdeka and selamat mengisi perot 3 hari cuti ni.aduh jeles >,<

Miss me?I have been in hiatus. Actually, during my hiatus, I have been so much closer to you (assuming my followers semua tinggal di Malaysia). Yep, I was home for a about a week. I tell you it was a bliss being able to puasa in Malaysia. MasyaAllah, best sangat2. Especially for hubby who had his last Ramadhan in Malaysia like 11 years ago.
I could not help giggling seeing him so excited for bazaar Ramadhan, roti john, murtabak, and all.
But I feel sad for him sebab of course we can't eat all in the list. Tak larat pon. kesian die. He managed to only eat a few slices of roti john. The others on the list??tak dapat langsung >,<
Too bad we spent the final week of Ramadhan whereby the stalls had slowly reduced in number.
Pity him not having as much selection. Nevertheless, we only had one time for bazaar pun :( Most of the time of course we eat home cook food :)
So, one week definitely isn't enough.
Put food aside, he was also excited to finally be able to perform terawikh and qiam at masjid after all these years in Japan. Alhamdulillah..

Oh before I forgot, we only raya sehari and suku aje. Pendek sangat2 T_T just because of that, I decided to go back to Malaysia for good once I completed my study. lol XP 

Here`s to tips to squeeze 30 days raya to one day :D

1. Marry someone within the same state :P

 Tak dapat nak road trip pon x apela..this really come in handy in situation di mana kita dapat beraye sehari sahaje *_*
Tapi trust me, kalo ko dah dok KL tu, perjalanan nak kemana-mana pun memang macam road trip >,<

Raya pertama is quite hectic I tell you.

This year, we spent 1 Syawal morning in Ampang, my in laws' house. First thing first is solat sunat Aidil fitri. 
I was sooooo shocked looking at ramainya orang mashaAllah..
Orang melayu tak ramai pun tapi. Indonesia..ramai gila >,< haha. 

2. You can`t squeeze all kubur to be visited in one morning.

So, I decided to visit and do tahlil ringkas at my late dad`s kubur a day before 1 Syawal. 
Syawal morning, we just visited kuburs around nearby.

3. Only indulge food at the house which you pasti sedap :p

Atau..sia-sia je ruang perut anda untuk hari itu. I don`t know you, but I macam tu. So, I did not eat until I get to the house I dah target.haha.. Kesibukan melayan sedara mara has covered me so well to keep people from acknowledge that I did not eat their raya food :P lol XP

4. Ask for kerjasama dari ahli keluarga yang lain to understand or better follow your schedule.

Alhamdulillah, both sides are very understanding towards us. I can`t thank especially my mom enough. I had a very limited time with her this time around. I promised her a better plan next time. Better yet be home for good. So, with the help of my other siblings, we plan the time to meet at our kampung since my nenek insisted to see me and my husband after a long time. We just had to rush to Seri Menanti. 
All my life, road to Seri Menanti was never that bad. If jam pun sikit di Bukit Putus where people then to slow down. But bukit putus now got bypass, I assume the problem has been taken care of although it wasn`t that serious like we experienced in KL. But that day, we stuck at the bypass for a good 1 hour!!fuhh!rintangan betul. The funny thing was, all of my siblings stuck together.haha..
Finally we made it through, clueless of the source of the heavy traffic. Maybe bottleneck..again:/

5. Marry someone who accept you for who you are and tolerable.

Important so he understood your decision also could tolerate to that. Don`t forget, we have to be accepting and tolerable to him as well.

Dah la kot..tu je.haha.
Dengan ini, terimalah sekeping dua gamba hari raya sehari saya untuk tahun 1433 hijrah ini...

Before bertolak to see my family:)bile nak bertiga nih:'D
 Eh, what is your theme for raya?
OMG!!knowing me yang suke sangat buat syarat-syarat kehidupan ni, of course I'll have theme too.
I have already decided the theme 1 year in prior. One year in prior I dah standbykan kain sume :P
I was shocked the morning raya..adeh..banyak betol turqoise :D haha.
And I saw HattaDolmat was posting that this year's most famous theme was..turqoise. So, I guess, the wave caught me too:D
In laws;) OMG..I don`t know other in laws yang sporting ghope ini. haha. Alhamdulillah..

Then in the afternoon, we bertolak ke Seri Menanti. To my nenek's house coz my mom and siblings were there.

With my family, berlatarkan rumah nenek.

Us with anak-anak buah 

Then we moved back to Ampang for meet and greet other extended relatives. We try so hard to see as many people as we can in one day. But, who am I kidding? If we want quantity, we wouldn't get quality. So, most of them, we could just salam, bermaafan and asking around the most 3 questions. Then, next!
Sebab berlari-larian ni also, I couldn`t stay at any sides to help around. So, basically, I am still not familiar with my husband`s family raya dishes >,< Semoga masih ada raya for me next year. InshaAllah..

Basically, I don't get the raya orgasm:/ I really wanna go home T______T 
I hope my homesick will end when Syawal ended (when nobody in twitter sebok-sebok rebut tarikh open house derang:/).

Apologize for keadaan caca marba of my writing. I was sooo tired at the moment. hehe..

Till then, 

Salam Hari Merdeka!

*duh!mesti banyak gila rumah terbuka 3 hari cuti nih -__-" and..I will not be invited :/


  1. itu la. kata balik msia tp gambo seme kat jepun nie awal2 hehehe

    xpe la. janji balik yuh.

    apa rahsia badan maintain? adusss. bdn makk bagai di pam2 nieh. so better takyah balik mesia. sini byk mkanan best :p

  2. itula pasal...rahsianye sng..dokla negare mknn x sedap n susah nk dpt sumber2 utk buat mknn mesia.inshaAllah kuros bekekalan :P



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