Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The curse of hari raya ke 2 @.@


A short story on my short 1433's Syawal I had so far:)

oh..and my sort of..curse:|

Since last year, asal raye ke-2 je kami atas kapal terbang @.@
Ok, the case with last year because we thought we are going to puasa for 30 days, and suddenly, the raya was cepat for a day.haha..so, we only arrived in Malaysia on the morning of Syawal, 2nd.

This year, it was the other way around. 
Instead flying towards Malaysia, we were flying away to Japan. sobs..
Because the flight was at 2.45pm, we managed to raya one house la juga. Alhamdulillah...then trapped in traffic to KLIA sebab lalu PLUS. lol XP Tapi papa kami anggap itu satu kecemasan, maka kami decided utk occasionally memecut menggunakan laluan kecemasan. Masa tu memang macam mission impossible sikit.
We arrived 1hour and 5 minutes before. And..the drop in luggage counter has closed!
No, they weren't cruel la...they opened it back since there was 5 minutes left actually. Alhamdulillah..

Saying goodbye to Qaleesya and her mama. This little girl is soo adorable. Budak baik. Like never cry unless u kacau her or she's too sleeeeepy. 

The flight was during the day light. I was up all the time! And later nagged hubby to buy Monopoly Deal. Believe it or not, not a cent of RM left with us. We only had 10,000 yen note with us. And no way we gonna let them change. Their exchange rate was so low. We had to isytihar hutang kat FA tersebut. And they let us. Aww...baik hati. Then hubby went around the flight looking for his friend untuk pinjam duit.haha

We arrived at 1130p.m. Hubby was so eager to shoot The SkyTree at night. I was kind of disagree to the idea coz I was sooo tired and sleepy.
However, hubby was a little bit unlucky. The SkyTree has light off that night. We happened to pass by the Tokyo Tower instead:)
Having kuzi and visiting Faeq is now my annual raya must do.
This year, Allah has better plan for us whereby, Faeq and his family has moved to Tokyo!
Rezeki Aunty Wani untuk menikmati pipi Faeq ..eh, kuzi every year for the rest of my life. haha...

Welcoming mummy Faeq, Paie to Japan. She will be fighting along me in Japan for our doctorate. InshaAllah...ganbarimashou ne Paie chan!
That's the legendary kuzi I keep talking about all this while :') Last year, I had to rebut-rebut with Liyana SCR >,< This year...this is all mine!mine!mwahahah!! Oh, below..that is baby Faeq at 1 year old:) He likes uncle Sonn (compared to me:/)

Korang tengok jela pipi die tewwwww...
Oh, Paie's house is so near to Ueno, my husband's favorite plave in Tokyo. Hence...

Our 3rd Syawal in Ueno:) I taught Paie kakigori and..Tenya.lol XP
So, to Paie...Welcome to Japan.
Shall there anything I can do to assist you, ease your living in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me by any means:)
Looking forward to visit you again soon:)
p/s:fuh..it's a good thing you could find a house near to Ueno. Senang sangat nak ajak Sonn pasnih.lol XP


  1. sila la dtg selalu melawat kami kat sini!! :D

  2. semangat ai tgk uols berbaju kurung di airport
    awwwww dress + sport shoes???? niceeeeee try
    kawaii sgt sebab kasut tue serupa ngan ur husband ekkkk

  3. Paie:for sure la..kami x kan tinggal kt tokyo.tp suke g melancong sane.kami perlukan tpt tggl free..hence..haha

    Lady Ayu: yeah..I have to wear it despite of everything cz baju tu my MIL dh susah payah buatkan:') cantik x?:p

  4. 1. kagum yuh naik flight pakai baju kurung
    2. gambar peace time hubby tido adalah nampak kejam! hahaha
    3. kasuttt! kasuttt! comel! :)
    4. i will look like pregnant lady if i'm wearing ur dress :( u je cantik pakai wani :)

  5. ehehehe..baju tu my MIL yg tempahkan.i really appreciate her effort to make sure i have baju raye..kene pakai juga tanda hargai:D walopon kene naik kapal terbang:D
    kasut tu mashaAllah ramai sgt yg tegor sbb kaleful sgt.xtaula puji ke ape >,<
    yek2 je reen..cer try pakai sket..u tu tinggi..lg cantik pakai dress :D

  6. mesti penat kan asik kena travel je.. tapi as long as hubby ada sebelah, penat pun rasa happy jugak kan :)

  7. Pagi2 buta pukul 1am blog walking, lps hupdate blog sendiri. Awat blk cepat nor tak sempat kite nak beraya!!

  8. itula :( i cant wait to go home for good.seryes x paham caner la sepupu awak boleh hepi je dok negare org lame2 T_T aunty wani x dpt jmpe bby aidi T_T



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