Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reminisce September


Around this time last year I had a ‘vacation’, alone, in Jakarta. Not entirely alone. Hubby was there. Working. Sigh..

So, I was just sort of ‘tumpang’ his hotel room while having a “blast” in Jakarta. *Excuse my sarcasms*
I remember that time; I just bought “Dr. In the House” while many others had finished reading it by that time. I tried looking for it at the Amazon or other online bookstores, but none. Anyway, I was thinking to use my Jakarta ‘getaway’ to relax because I was so tired travelling and getting involved with family matters days before that. It was fun though J

All I have in my mind was, to read the huge book till end while relaxing by the pool. For lunch, I would go hunt for various of Jakarta food nearby. After all, my friend claimed this city as Indonesia's “food heaven”. And when I feel bored, I would go shopping pula.

I was there for a week, and I had almost died of boredom just after the second day. Hahaha. Maybe my stay would be better if hubby was around. But he was too busy with work like 24/7. He has to go out at 5.30am to the workplace just to avoid the massive traffic and only arrived back to the hotel at 7.30pm or later. Oh, let me re-phrase; “MASSIVE”. The traffic in KL is nothing compared to there. Be thankful.
And because of the traffic, my shopping appetite was immediately curbed. Good huh. When I woke up (with food already served in the room. My husband is such an angel :’) ), I took some time to observe Jakarta. The view of Jakarta from my room was splendid. Considerably. But when you look down, you’ll see like “a sea” of ‘stranded cars’. Basically, that is how you curb the shopping devil inside of you.haha.

If it wasn’t due to the fact that Tanah Abang closes at 5 (if I’m not mistaken), I would have not going there by myself on working days. So, one of the day, I finally determined to go (with the push of my husband-sebab dia tanak teman la tew >,<). It was Friday, 9 am, just nice when people are supposedly reach their workplace, hence a clearer traffic. I then stayed in Crowne Plaze, next to Semanggi Plaza. It took me 15 minutes by taxi to reach the already congested Tanah Abang.

Eh jap, I was intended to write about something else >,<

Around this time in the world, people will reminisce on 9/11. Eeeeverybody remembers this event even clearer than their country’s best history, kot. Coz most of the time I just wandering around the hotel with my skirt and slipper, I had a great time watching TV which I could understand what they were saying. haha. Even then, most of the eye-catching programs were of 9/11 stories. I was crying listening to the final telephone calls from husbands, wife, girlfriends, and the most, children to their parents. Putting other perspective aside, it’s such a heartbreaking for any people who had went through a situation where your loved ones is on the phone with you waiting for their final moment. And you can’t even do anything about it. Seconds after that, the line died. That’s when you know they are gone. Sedih gila kot. Nauzubillah..Just thinking about it, I got a heartache..followed by headache.

If only what has happened to our Muslim friends is well covered and documented like this, I’m sure others won’t misunderstand us. And more, they would know what is happening there is definitely incomparable. It is definitely more terrible. The number of life taken maybe 10 times more or maybe 100 times! I do not know.
I did not mean to compare who suffers most. 

I am in mission myself. Although small, I think I have to clear out our name. If I can’t do it to 100 of people, 10 is enough. After all, Allah knows my intention. Therefore, I would be so excited to answer my friend’s questions and islam and my way of life. I tried to answer so that they won’t be ‘afraid’ of us anymore. As a result, we understand each other. Nevertheless, they never asked about 9/11. But they did ask about Syria and what is happening there at the moment since the broke of the latest news; one of Japanese journalist was shot there. The news conquered the prime time for days.

Do you think being born as superman is the only way to change the world to a better place?
You can definitely do it through dakwah too


  1. owh yes. u're small. tp comel. ok, hahaha produser2 malaysia nie patut buat dokumentari daripada dok buat cite rempittt tu

  2. Ai baru jer beli Dr in the house last month masa blk raya
    Dpt diskaun 80 hengget if yg malaygo dpt 50 hengget kot
    But until now x smpt nak bc bg hbs pong ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

    1. wow,rezeki,kalau x larat nk bace abes,bacela abt i'm a muslim.i can relate to that part the most:)



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