Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To M'sia's Scholars in Japan..

Following the Look East Policy...
All M'sia's Scholar in Japan are invited to participate in this:

As I discovered this by hard, so I guess, it's good for me to advertise it myself. haha..
No, I did not get any credits for this. I just want us, Malaysians in Japan to share our experience, and extending our contacts here.
This is also a good opportunity to see how others are doing and at the same time looking for opportunities for a better future, particularly for those planning to stay.
For yours truly, this seminar is something I had think of for long. So, when I stumbled upon this poster, I am immediately attracted. If only the date is not as shown, I'll be the first person to submit the abstract. Lol XP

For others, grab this chance, sama-sama menjayakannya, so that this would be a great legacy for our future children.

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