Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are 2


We are two!Already 2. Actually I forgot. Eh, we forgot to wish each other on the date if follow kalendar masihi. But we did celebrate ikut muslim calendar. Okla tu:) Actually I just remembered that we missed it until...I browse through my photos in the phone -__-" then i remembered and it has already passed for almost a week. lol lol XD kami mmg mcm tu..tarikh bile declare wassoeve tak perenahnye nak ingat. apetah lagi hitung-hitung bagai. 
For those who follow me on twitter or instagram, mesti pernah tengok gambar kat bawah ni?:D

Prepared this on Syaaban 20th. He was home at 11pm then -__-;. 

Happy Anniversary to us!weeee!!!


  1. congrats u two. many more exciting years ahead. n wishing u best of luck in whatever u r doing. u know. :)



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