Friday, August 3, 2012

Namdaemun Market, Dongdaemun, dan Gyeongbok Palace


So, today i'll be writing about 3 places at once. Just because I visited all 3 places in one day!
Our first stop was..the famous Namdaemun Market.
Market ni memang lol XD
I heard that here you can use nihongo to communicate. we tried and it's true indeed.
But to bargain?never la in ur dream. lol XD. the ahjumma akan straight away lose interest in you and switch to other customer. maleh die nak layan. And let you be. Something like that..sedikit impolite. 
Many bloggers would advise you to buy your souvenir here. I would to, except, please buy inside the gedung. Don't buy those outside the gedung. Eventhough they are cheap, you can find the same stuff with even cheaper price inside the gedung.
The gedungs are so sempit, so we didn't take pictures around. But the looks, ambiance was exactly like Tanah Abang. Sama je the concept. Very small space for the selling items.
For me, what I like about Namdaemun is the gedung full with accessories >,< yeah..that includes all the keronsang all la. At first, I wasn't into keronsang too much. I don't like big keronsang sticking on my petite frame. But, after a visit here, I starting to like many other accessories especially hair clip and...ring!
Cantik gila. Before, I was not a big fan maybe because I never stumbled upon yang cantik gitew..tapi I rambang sangat>,< so, I did not buy much on exactly for souvenirs. And for me, the keronsang tak adalah cheap sangat. Macam M'sia je. So, don't waste money come here just to buy keronsang. It's really overrated.
Canila ghopenye Namdaemun Market..even sesak dari sardine can:p Maka, silala  masuk dalam gedung-gedung kat tepi tu utk suasan yang lebih tenang dan risiko lebih rendah utk mendapat XD
You know my problem if travelling? I would be short of fruit's dose. So, I just have to get them whenever I see them. Tembikai ..slrrrp
My husband ni memang friendly orangnya..He could easily making friends everywhere even in the airport tram (in which we got invitation to visit Istanbul @.@). Kadang-kadang risau kot2 die bekenalan ngan orang jahat -__-"
So, in Namdaemun, he made friends with this beard candy maker. Apparently the guy speak nihongo very well. So, the boys are so excited chatting about work, Japan, Malaysia, et cetra. I just stand aside and eat my free candies :') We went there twice and the candy maker were so excited to see my husband again. Gosh!
Top: Bear Candy Stall with one of the maker. No, hubby made friends with all of them. And they remembers him so well;)
Down: Korean Traditional Taffy-TA RAE. I am so liking this. Whenever I opened one box, thinking just to have a taste of it, I'll finish the whole box>,< so sedappppp!! I recommend you all this for souvenir. We didn't make it though. It's so sedap that we just had to keep all for ourselves:( Anyway, this candy bukan ada di Namdaemun sahaja, you can find them in many other attractions area like Myeong-Dong;)
Another famous attractions yang akan meniti di bibir-bibir pelancong ialah...Dongdaemun.
Dongdaemun in yours truly eyes sama macam ..bkt bintang area kot..where dekat satu pelusuk ni u jumpe plaza, satu pelusuk lain tetibe ade pavvy yang curlass tinggi siket. It's like they are scramble together in a place called Dongdaemun. So, kat sini banyak sangat shopping malls yang berjiran tetangge. You come out of A mall, you'll be stepping into B mall. Like that.
Tapi Dongdaemun ni sunggoh besar gah semacam when first time I stepped into the area.
But I told hubby, I wanna see Korea..mall,'s just another KL.
So, we went to the area yang macam Sg. Wang. Outside the building tulis fashion plaza.
I assumed kat sini kot yang murah gila tu..
Nak tengok dalam?
yea..I was a bit dissapointed. lol. Banyak tau plaza ni.not just one. And all...looks like this. I  turn off sikit if selling area mcm ni. So, i just jalan-jalan tengok je. They were not that cheap though. I asked for one small belt, and they charged me dalam 1000yen gitu. I could get better belt here for just 300yen:( I don't know if they were trying to kenekan I ke ape. 

Top: ooppss kantoi. That was our lunch in Myeong-Dong. The same seafood restaurant. But this time we tried BBQ style pulek..Memang hari tu hari I sauna XD Then we went to..Gyeongbok Palace.
You know Korea is no longer having raja?
But there are so many huge palaces left and well preserved as world heritage.
Unlike Japan which you may find castles (in which I consider them as small..I even think they might be just the symbolic leftovers), their palaces are huge...verrry spacious.penat kot nk jalan kalau jadi orang gaji kat XD. kalau contoh kita pegi borak-borak kt bilik A ni, pastu balik, then only you realized you left your room key..macam malas gila nak patah balik. Lol XD
It's very nice. Take note that the castle has open time. It is not accessible 24hours tau (kami la yang sengal sangat XP). 

Majestic. husband too :')
This palace besarrrrr sangat wei. Jangan la pergi masa dah nk tutup macam Memang tak sempat nk sampai belakang >,<

The metro system is so efficient and so cheap. 100yen for anywhere you go. yes, murah mengarut gile.haha.

I'll write more later:)


  1. owh byk nyer kain bajuuu. pening nak pilih. eih kasut uolsss sama kot! adakah sama size? hehehe

    nak tanya, mcm mana nak tau kite bleh makan mknn tu ke tak? i mean cam halal ke tak. erm sori tanya, sbb xtau. mana la tau kot2 i ada rezeki nak ke korea ke pas nie :) hehehe

    jeles hoooooo

  2. aah.kalo dh byk sgt x selere la plak>,< tak sama la ofcoz..haha.saiz beliau plg bsr, saiz i plg kecit>,<
    mkn seafood je <3.n confirm ngn die xde daging atau arak:) tanye kt die.atau bgtau please exclude kalau pergi kt tourist attraction,die tahu..that day,dlm cheese die ade ham.die nk hantar,pastu die tgk i..die tak boleh.nnt die tukar cheese saje.cantula:)korea ok lg dpd jepon bab mkn ni.tu sbb m'sian suke dtg kot.

  3. ooo gitu. okeh. thanks for the tips. ntahkan bila nak sampai sana.

    reentartnenas *malas nak log in :p

  4. penah dengar gak kalo org Korea dengar org cakap jepun, terus dorg markup harga. Mungkin Japanese pembeli yang berduit bagi mereka kot



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