Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We are featured..

Kami masuk majalah Jepun nih :'D


Lihat!lol XD
All because my tudung that day. It was so purple. Hiroshima's soccer team's color is purple (I know..purple?really?lol XD), and of course I wanted to blend in. Obvious sangat kot kalau pakai baju lain when you are invited as Sanfrecce's supporter. Nasib baik la ada tudung yang macam masuk sikit and purple top. Gosh, I am so lacking of tops in purple color *have to shop more >,<*
Then, from afar the journalist got attracted to me and pointed at my tudung assuming we do not know Japanese. Told ya my husband is so friendly that sometimes he made me worry >,<. When he started talking, the journalist instantly 'falling in love' with him and start dragging us aside while waiting for the other crew. The rest was history. And yea..he was wearing Cantona's of Manchester United -__-"

I found the magazine in my mailbox with the page I'm in, was nicely folded. It's like somebody wants to tell me I was in. I don't know who gave me the magazine.
To whoever it was, I thank you:)


  1. eh eh.. dalam magazine tu dia cakap apa tu? eheheh

  2. waaaa...ntah apa la caption kat gambar tu erk?



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