Monday, July 2, 2012

Short trip for the winner (except yours truly)

Following this post.
The next day, me and several others got selected to follow a short trip together with the invited speakers to the famous Hiroshima's sightseeing spot; Iwakuni and Miyajima.
You guys really think I'm happy?
Urgh..I really tried my best to come out with excuses not to come.
But my husband managed to convince me, and finally I 'forced' myself to go. Lol XD

So, we bertolak at 930am(!) to Iwakuni, the place famous for the Kintai Bridge and white snakes.

Around the white snakes' house. The below picture, most left is cartoon showing how the Hiroshima governor scaring the enemy using the rare white snake, once upon a time.

Also, Iwakuni also full with ancient shrines. Top left is me with Yashioka sensei, whom is so religious. So, he briefed me about SHinto and so did I about Islam:) Top right, is me learning how they wash their hand and mouth before entering the shrine. Bottom left, is the bad luck ticket that has to be tied at this tree so that the bad luck will be left behind when they left the shrine. Bottom left, with my colleagues in front of the shrine's gate. Every structure of the shrine has meaning behind it.

Our lunch spot. Very classic japanese restaurant. Classic and sangat indah! This restaurant built around a waterfall! and part of it built on top of the river!Dalam restoran ni penuh dengan patung-patung besi and baju-baju besi and perisai-perisai. can you see?Macam tak berapa nak aman la makan sambil dikelilingi elemen-elemen beperang nih:/

The restaurant area. Located atas gunung restaurant ni.That's why ada sungai and waterfall bagai.
 Then, we move to Miyajima. It took us about 30 minutes to go from Iwakuni to Miyajima port.
By this time, everybody dah kenyang gile (except yours truly..sebab I mana boleh mkn). So, memag semua tido..haha.
We took a 10 minutes ferry to Miyajima island. The day was cloudy and breezy. Memang bestla. Spring kan:) Then we were greeted by the hotel person with 2 small vans although the hotel is just 5 minutes away from the port -__-"
Our hotel is Iwaso hotel, one of the classical japanese ryokan (ryokan means japanese style hotel) in Hiroshima. My colleague said, we might not afford this hotel if we go alone.haha.
As we arrived in Miyajima. Middle top is my colleague and me with Prof. Gordon Sato. Top right, the front of Iwaso hotel. I know right...who would have known that's actually a hotel -__-" nampak mcm rumah tinggal je -__-"
Bottom is a few snapshots I took in the Iwaso. All berkonsepkan senduk XD

Inside Iwaso Hotel. You ols nak tau, single ladies only Dr. Yamasaki and me. So, we ols dapat bilik menghadap atap rumah orang. The boys amboi, mengadap sea okeh >,< This is how Japanese ryokan looks like:)

Around the famous Miyajima. Miyajima good for those yang suka nature, and suka melawat tempat historical. Unfortunately for our guests from US, the Torii Gate (top right) was under construction that time>,< kesian depa..
Top left tu is how live oysters looks like. This pulau so famous with oyster (ka-ki) bakar. Me?uwekkk!!!geli teman. I tried. Cannot!!My husband, everytime datang Hiroshima gi carik ka-ki:/
And ada banyak lagi  la building2 yang menarik. Very nice for sightseeing:)

The acara kemuncak. DInner :) That's how Japanese dinner looks like. I show you a few of our hidangan that night. All seafood based. Aww..thank you la organizer:)

A few scenes from the night:)
Next day, they suddenly planned for inaugural hiking trip.
Miyajima is very famous for it's hiking activities. But, but..I was wearing gown weih (yea..I didn't bring extras because duduk ryokan, yukata is served. Lol XD).
If I wore pants pon, tanak..dah pernah hiking dah..penat gile T_T
The next day, I met my colleague yang tempang kaki sebab penat hiking semalam and she said she should have just follow me home instead. Lol XD

Okla, I should post this as my own remembrance to the kindness of my supervisor.
Thank you for selecting this newbie for the trip. Rasa macam tak layak..tapi buat-buat layak je la..harhar.

Jya, see you later peeps!

p/s: I really want to ajak my husband for hiking trip in Miyajima. But first, I kene sit up 100x, and joging seminggu tanpe henti dulu.fuhh..penat gile.kang berjaya naik, tak berjaya turun pula.hahaha..


  1. tak taula tang mane yg comel tu:p thanks anyways:'D

  2. Wonderful place
    U look so kawaii
    1st time visit here
    Konichiwa from 小山

  3. thank u lady ayu:) konnichiwa balik :D



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