Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nami Island

Among many places we visited in Seoul, I love Nami Island the most.
Well, Nami island is not in Seoul after all. Lol XD
In Seoul, we stayed in Sinchon. Well, I have to say that Sinchon was not a good choice to begin with. But since we planned everything in a very last minute (again!), that's the only decent stay for honeymooners left. hehe..Although our hotel located nearby its loopline (the green metro line that goes circle), we still consider it quite far from the main attractions available to I must say...muslim! 
*Sinchon is called mecca of pub >,<

Ok, I told you we stayed in SInchon.
The nearest limousine to Nami Island is in Insadong (Another stop is wat Jamsil station.)
The limousine just wait there, next to the Tapgol Park (Park yang sangat cantik untuk buat sesi photoshoot:))
The right way to do it is to book the ticket first, or from many blogs I read, they usually went to buy ticket a day or two before their departure date.
Kami yang sangat bijaksana memang pergi redah aje ke Insadong. Lol XD
Trust me I woke up very early that day and I was ready so early. Tapi many things happened..haha..we ended up sprinting to catch the bus!without knowing the exact way to actually sprinting to!lol XD
But as long as u brought girls around, you can use her heart to guide you:)
We found the Tapgol Park and lines of buses next to it. Then we stop to catch a breath and suddenly..we noticed the bus was just in front of us!gahaha!!and the driver was looking at us panting for air!
That time was 9.28am. 2 minutes before the bus departed!
We bought the ticket there, on the spot and the bus departed sharp on time:) Alhamdulillah...although so many halangan, we managed to get there in time. Exactly 15minutes from Sinchon. I panted so much caused I was dragged while wearing frilly skirt T_T
Anyways, for bus from Insadong to Nami Island, it is only operated once in a day. Depart at 930am and return at 4pm. That's why if we missed this one, there'll be no more.

To reach Nami Island, you have to ride on the ferry. It'll take around 5 minutes.
When you bought the bus ticket, you'll purchase together with the ferry ticket and the visa (to enter Nami Island, you need a separate visa. Nami Island is a different republic). But don't worry, all is taken care of as long as you take the aforementioned limousine.
I'm not sure about other mechanism.

How the ferry looks like. 5 minutes ride...pendek sangat. Tak rasa apa.
Us at Nami Island entrance.

To those who is so into Korean drama and k-pop, you sure very familiar with this scene...;)

Sometimes I think this island is all about winter sonata. Everywhere there's picture of these two winter sonata cast. tsk.
Anyway, we had lunch in Nami Island.  We tried bibimbap and something that looks like pancake (forgot the name..anybody?:)). Both are hugeeee portion >,<

This is one of the sudut bergambar..dengan....gambar2 dr winter sonata.fuh..susah tau nak dapat giliran. We didn't even go during peak season. Imagine during peak season. phew.
I'm not sure whether the conteng2 was art or simply vadalism?so many Malaysians did this!They even write together with their working place. Paling banyak puspanita. haa..sape nak jawab??haha.

Nami island is really a hutan. So, you macam jalan-jalan dalam hutan..yang ramai orang.ngahah.

Okla, that is all about Nami Island. We had about 5 hours in here and I think it is enough. The island is so small>,< 
Actually, kalau rajin you can bring food here for picnic. Although I'm not sure where you gonna sit. Maybe boleh bawak tikar sekali :D *warning: I didn't see anybody doing as such.haha
For muslim, do not worry about praying space. There's musolla provided there:)

I strongly recommend you to visit Nami Island. Sekali seumur hidup pun jadila...:) 


  1. Cantiknyaaa pokok2 yang mcm terowong tuuu

  2. “Sometimes I think this island is all about winter sonata. Everywhere there's picture of these two winter sonata cast. tsk.”

    orang kata Nami Island ni mmg diteroka semata utk wt rakaman winter sonata tu....thats why~

  3. zila:tula:')mmg tu je pon trademark die:D

  4. nice view..but if g tym winter..feeling ke arah winter sonata tu lebih besh..hehe



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