Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 coins

Have you ever experienced boredom despite there`s so many things to do around you?
It`s like you have everything, but you just don`t know what to do or which one to do first, and start procrastinating?
Urghh...I`m feeling it now.
I have luxury of time and yet I don`t know how to use it wisely. I just don`t have appetite to do anything including shopping (!). Can you believe that?
I even bring myself to my favorite hang out place, 
So, I decided to just stop by one of my favorite shop for household.
Daiso? No, it`s not XP
But that`s close.
I love the 3 coins shop!! 3 coins, all stuff inside costs you 3 coins=300yen=3x100yen; hence the 3 coins.
This is rare!I know, I`m sharing with you some stuff I got for 50%. Yea..I won`t usually buy the full price items. Lol XP]
Jom tengok!
Thick felt fold-able storage box! When I saw this, I immediately thought of my baking stuff which I scramble all inside my cabinet. Lol XD No, it`s not that I don`t wanna have system. But I can`t afford to buy many household stuff knowing that this house is temporary:( Tapi ni boleh lipat, high durable, felt; water resistant and anti-dust. Very suitable for keeping my baking stuff yang disayangi <3 a hardcore pengayuh basikal yang sgt vulnarable dgn weather precipitation, this is very useful >,< Actually, I never had thought they might have come with something like this. Usually, I would just wrapped by handbag in any shopping plastic bags. Tapi I kesian tau dengan handbag yang kene sumbat2 dalam plastic bag*.* I love them, so I want to protect them well..ehe.(yea..we girls are so good with justification :D)

I thought this was coaster. Tetapi rerupenye middle table cover eh. But I don`t need any. So, this has instead make a very nice piano cover! I have been looking for one for ages! *satisfaction grin*

LAst time when I visited their store, I saw a set of highlighter nicely packed in a holder. Unfortunately, there`s none I could find today. Instead, I got this for myself at 50% discount (!). I think a set of pencil color is good enough :) Shall I get more of this for souvenir? What say you?
Most of my household are from the 3 coins. There you go, I spill it out!


  1. bestnyer. mesia takde. daiso tu ok la :) yg felt storage tu sgt menarik. hehehe

  2. hehe.i think nnt mesti smpai jgk satu hari nnt:) bes woo kedai ni.sgt kreative mcm ikea la konon2.hehe.



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