Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bila susah nak apply US visa...

...maka I have to let a representative go instead of me.
Yours truly is the first author of this paper, but I could not go. Sedih juga actually.
But, oh well, I have already completed the graduation requirement given by the university and the sponsor.
I was supposedly scheduled to go. SInce I am a Malaysian, residing in Japan, Hiroshima pula tu, complicated sangat T_T ceh...

This paper presentend in Houston, Texas.

My requirement for myself? Not yet. A little bit more. Doing now:) Another paper in progress.

p/s: Thank you Usui sensei and Shintani sensei. 


  1. Omedeto!
    Ada rezeki ke lain insyaAllah.

  2. hehe.inshaAllah:) tak kisah pon.xmola g US.haha.

  3. Kalau wani pergi mesti jumpa my SV....tahniah dh publish paper..bukan sng tu..hihuhi



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