Monday, June 4, 2012

Good news, bad news

Bad news,
Summer is here.
The season with most hates I guess.
Panas wehh T_T
That's why I decided to buy a BIG hat! (caps lock are put in purpose:D)

Which one suits me better?;D

I was actually influenced by my friend Ulfah. hehe..
Last year I was influenced by another friend to buy a UV umbrella.
But I found it isn't practical for me especially for me whom all about practicality.
So, I decided to ditch the UV umbrella and opt for BIG hat which I first got attracted looking at Ally/Ellie in Cougar Town.hehe..
It's undeniably looking a bit weird on a hijabster, but oh well,I'll try my best to make it look good on me ^_^

Another news, good news.
Do you know that I have struggled to just eat chicken/meat in here due to lack of supply in Hiroshima City?
It's hard for other Malaysia in Hiroshima to understand my excitement coz most of them are residing in Saijou, the more rural area where the main campus of Hiroshima University is located, therefore, the higher population for students.
So, I survived mostly with other source of proteins; seafood and eggs.
Nasib baik, I was trained to eat fish everyday in my house. So, fish for me is a must. Tapi let's be honest kan, ayam is so easy to cook and keep. And sometimes, you do craves for red meat.
In that case, I have to import chicken/meat from Toyohashi that my husband bought for me in prior.
Memang sedikit leceh but what to do, at least ada jalan.

Since last month, I received a good news that a Halal shop has opened!
Two minutes away from my house! ALhamdulillah:)
It's like, turun lift, lintas jalan and there is the kedai! yatta!!
Syukur, banyak dah kehidupan di sini dipermudahkan olehNya. Slowly, this place has transformed as my comfort zone:)
Stopping by the shop on the way home:)


  1. meh balik mesia meh. sini semua pun halal :)

    owh betul2. kalau time dh teringin nak makan daging tu, mmg akan kecewaaa kalau xdapat.

  2. yeah..lg sedap daging kt mesia la.sini sume pon frozen:/



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