Monday, June 18, 2012

The cons of a decade relationship

Almost a decade before we finally got married.
Honestly, I did not really ready in many ways to be a wife.
But, the situation lead us to that. It`s totally kerja yang maha Esa yang menyatukan kami.
If jodoh kita sampai, mashaAllah..banyak sangat clue2, dorongan yang akan memudahkan kita ke arah itu.
Alhamdulillah mine is a smooth-sailing. Hiccups usually came from the unnecessary dunya things lah kan. The prep and all. Alhamdulillah juga I did not really made it a big deal except us got to nikah.
It is a wise decision at least not to care about how people would think my majlis is. That would be the case why people really want a `beautiful` majlis. 
Anyway, this writing is not about that.
You know how I live in here alone. Some weekends I would be busy with appointments with friends. A few times I went to baking class, piano lesson, read books, experimenting in my kitchen, `partying` with my friends at my house, cleaning, going to labs, shopping, cooking for a week stock (like baby starting solids:P).
Note that everything I do at home I was not entirely alone. My husband is always on skype.
We always argue, singing along, screamed at each other (ok, it`s just me who did that:|), listening about our day (again, I usually have so many stories in one day that I had only a tad memory about his days if ever he managed to tell me anything:| I think I have to improve on my timing since we don`t have all day to listen to my rambles:|) or even watching movie together (me through skype..sigh). The point is, we are always on skype! I think if my neighbor could listen to me, they might have been worry about the possibility of having a schizophrenic lady next door.hehe..

No, this condition however does not improve my loneliness, does not really help me ease the pain of being away from him. I know he feels the same way too. This has done us nothing, instead making our heart grows fonder for each other every minute. Alhamdulillah...I pray the feelings will be refreshed even more as we are aging and when we finally managed to live by each other`s side later, inshaAllah.. 

OMG, I did drove you out of the topic am I?tsk.

 Not just I talk alone in my house, I always appear to be talking alone while walking, cycling and shopping.
Sometimes when I don`t have confidence (read as trying to hide my jejak from hubby), I decided to go jalan-jalan (read shopping) alone without first telling him. gahahaha..Woman, you should understand me.
This shopping kicks comes at random. You cannot simply fight this feeling ok. Especially when malls are just across the roads at every point of your turns!

So, I go la..usually when I have 1 or 2 hour of free time. I just follow my heart kan which at the time I came to my conscious, my bakul already penuh..then the phone rang. 
"Wani..put back all the things you grab. Menyesal nanti" guess who this was, girls:|
I usually feeling a little annoyed, "But this small kettle is so cute (it was not even compatible with my induction stove). And this food processor (which looks like a trophy deserved to be kept in glass box) is cute too!!I don`t have food processor. Also, you should see this coffee set (price absurd with only one cup and a silver tray)." sigh..if it wasn`t because of him, I may have by now filled my house with many useless stuff and perhaps no savings!>,<
We have to admit that men are wiser at this area. Or is it just the case of us? >,<
Sometimes, when I was walking (fast) heading to the mall just 5 minutes from my house, my husband will call me and asking "ha...nak pergi mana tu??" He wasn`t said hello or moshi-moshi yet>,< I suspected that my body may have been planted with some sort of tracking device:| agree?

Worse, he could predict what my gift will be a year ahead T_T

So, what to get him for our anniversary>,< Tak lama sangat lagi ni T_T
I tried not to speak of anniversary or birthdays, but at times this topic occur and I felt a little offended on how he is looking down on my `talent` of giving him present. Yes, for a decade we have been together. 
Is it the worst record...ever?:|


  1. so sweet :) boring duduk sorang2. i yg kena tinggal husband oustation 2 minggu yg tmpt tak boleh nak call lagi pun dah boring. pasal membeli barang sebab cute, haha kita sama di situ :)

  2. gahaha..i boring ke x boring ke..bile the kick comes,i have to just go see>,<
    tulanye..u bygkan la kedai2 kt jepon yg byk gile kedai mengarot cute yg x perlu, tp bile tgk jd perlu pulek T_T



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