Friday, June 29, 2012

Three Arrows

Today I'm wearing a purple top. Well, not really purple. A plum purple (un)matched with a purple tudung.
Anyway, there's one sensei who always complimenting (commenting) on my appearance everyday which apparently so colorful!lol XP 
He is one of anak jati Hiroshima la boleh kata. He always proudly tell me stories about Hiroshima, always encourage me to go to Hiroshima exclusive shops, anything Hiroshima he will recommended me to try.
So, boleh kata he is so patriotic gitu.

It happens, the purple that I'm wearing at the moment is the color of Sanfrecce (read:san-frec-ce).
I know right??I was at first so synical about the name. 
Can you guess what is Sanfrecce?
It's the Hiroshima soccer team. 
San means three, and frecce means arrows. Sanfrecce as a whole means three arrows.
According to my sensei, the emperor of Hiroshima during the edo period was famous with his three arrows, hence the name of sanfrecce.
geez..I know, the rhythm doesn't feels right especially when we want to cheer for the team!lol!
Oh, and purple is apparently a Japanese red.

Anyway, I went to a sanfrecce match last weekend.hehe..
Apparently, Sanfrecce is now at second place!sugoiii!!!
My husband was so excited that I got him the ticket. hehe...He said Sanfrecce is strong. So, the game must be really exciting.
Turned out, it was exciting!!No time for your adrenaline to be degraded. lol!

The game was held at the Big Arch, Hiroshima. So easy to go anyway. The exciting part, when we reach the station, there's bus in lines to pick up the Sanfrecce's supporters (us!). So systematic. Even the bus drivers were wearing Sanfrecce's jersey. Banyak gila bas la. All for Big Arch.

When we arrived, with me looks so purple (hehe), I was instantly caught the attention of the journalist., you know, they invited me for interview and photo session. They were so teruja gitu looking at especially my XD
Tapi yang over gila jawab soalan wartawan...sape lagi..kan..mamat yang pegi tgk sanfrecce pakai baju  Cantona, Manchester United T___T tak malu sangat T_T Padahal wartawan tu tertarik ngan bini beliau yang sangat purple -__-" 
At the end of the conversation, the journalist remind us to get the magazine which will be out in XP

How's Sanfrecce?
That day, Sanfrecce faced Saitama ( XD)
I think Sanfrecce is so strong. They keep attacking the whole game. Seriously!The players were like playing just at one side of the field, i.e the Saitama's side. lol XD.
However, so frustrating though. So many climax without finishing.
Despite the performance being so satisfying, the game ended with nil for both.

Tapi Sanfrecce memang sugoii!

The Big Arch, me in now-turn-to-sanfrecce's top, and hubby in Cantona's Manchester United jersey -__-"

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