Friday, June 15, 2012

Because of you, Dad...

I was not born in a rich family.
The good thing about it is, I am simply satisfied with small things, only simple gesture is enough to make me happy.
Last week, Hiroshima is having weather transition from spring to summer.
So, the days are always breezy especially when the sun was about to set. 
Anyway, one of the day, I decided to come home early. 
I usually use my journey home, the cycling time as thinking time.
That day, my mind keep running the memory of me and my late dad.
The weather reminded me the day when I was in standard 1-2, when I was still wearing the dark blue pinafore to school.
If I have to school in morning session, my dad will send me there. I will always be the earliest to arrive. My dad like it that way. Not just school, but anywhere that he has to send me. He likes to keep time that much.
When I was in the evening session, he will try many ways to pick me up.
I was always a small child. That made him extra worries I heard.
When the day he fetch me and it was raining, we always stop by the nearby roti canai stall and he usually had a roti canai with kuah banjir and air milo panas. When he had to share the drink with me, he will avoid caffeine, I know.
He knows his kid well. He knows I eat and drink very little. Anybody who knows me would know that.
So, my dad usually will just koyak sikit the roti canai for me and pour the milo on the saucer for me to drink.
That's one thing I really miss (I feel like crying at the moment).
Yes, he always pour a part of his hot drink on the saucer and tiup to cool for me. I love that anyway:(
I really miss that.
Then, when he started talking with some of his acquaintance in the stall when they happened to meet, he will proudly told them I was his anak. hehe.I was cute back then, people will always found me entertaining.lols:p

My late dad was a good dad.
He is not a rich man, but he did everything to provide his children. 
Let's say my abang and kakak who are way older than me.
My abang is the most untung among us siblings. He got the tertiary education fully sponsored by our dad. He even provided with car and a motorcycle during his student years. 
Then during my sister's time, my dad did everything to get my sister a car. Because he was so risau my sister riding a bus to university.
Then when he managed to buy a kancil for my sister, my kakak pula tak berani bawak.
So, he took time to patiently train my sister to drive. That time, my dad was not advised to drive due to his eye condition. 
Then I expected the same when my time comes.
But the universe denied that. My dad passed away just a few days after I finished my matriculation final examinations.
That time, I never really think about what my brother and sister have obtained but not me.
Never. Till I write this entry.
So, I live with whatever I have during my university years.
When my dad passed, I have to get a loan to pay for the fees. Alhamdulillah we are in Malaysia, as long as you are secure for university, inshaAllah, it's easy to get the money.
For pocket money? I work many part time jobs as tutor. Alhamdulillah..I earn so much with the help of people around me, the nice people I met during the journey.
When I reach the bump in my path, I always pray to Allah and at the same time talking to my dad silently.
I am so much convinced, even though he is not around to be with me during my journey, he had actually assisted me, protected me, until today, that I have achieved so much.
I have to say that he was the only light in my life. Sometimes I feel he was the only reason I am doing what I'm doing. And, I am still. Because of you, dad.



  1. Alfatihah.... Semoga beliau ditempatkan di kalangan orang beriman.
    Maaf, saya tak tahu.
    Maaf saya tak tanya.
    Wani kelihatan sangat "ceria" ...jadi tak terbayangkan ini.

  2. Thanks Shida.
    It's ok.Im fine.just sometimes rindu itu datang.its a good thing actually for me to be able to still write something for him.
    SHowed he is still living in my's good:)

  3. al-fatihah. betul. ada masa, kita kadang2 teringat kat dia. kenapa bagaimana, tak tau :) memang sesuai sgt la duduk jepun tu sbb dari kecik dah biasa pasal on time :)

    *hari nie mcm marathon baca blog wani :)

  4. hehe.thank u sudi baca:)
    ye betol.still heartbreaking whenever he crosses my mind;(



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