Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

I'm not sure whether you can relate with what I'm about to post this time.
This time around I nak share my experience visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
Actually, you can find many peace memorial museum around the globe (nampak sangat dunia ni penuh dengan peperangan). But Hiroshima might be one the most attractive as it was the first place in the world victimized by the scariest weapon of all, the atomic bomb.
Don't just look at this issue as small. I was at first could not relate, have difficulties to understand their feelings. Until I came to visit this museum, and saw with my own eyes the leftovers of the bomb. 
It does looks like a doomsday to me in which a city full with houses and livings, became dust in a blink of an eye. That's how scary this weapon could be. That is also why, keeping atomic bomb in a country granting them some sort of security. At the moment, the highest number of atomic bomb possessed by Russia. hehe..maybe takde sape berani nak cari pasal ngan Russia at the moment:p

Learning from books maybe not as interesting as visiting the real thing kan?
Yours truly also did not realized that the buildings, bridges, monuments that I passed by so many times actually play significant roles during the tragedy. Until I came to this museum then I know.
Okla, I don't want to membebel panjang, let me share with you a few of the attractive parts in the two-level museum.

The first level is mainly about the introduction, the chronology of why it happened, why hiroshima, why atomic bomb, why and why and why. Very useful for people who has so many questions like me:D

This is especially interesting. The watch stopped at exactly the time the bomb was dropped. I bet this must be full with radioactive >,<

Letter from Einstein to the President at that time, telling his discovery on the probable most dangerous weapon of all time. See how science turn bad.

How Hiroshima's fate was determined. At first, there were 4 cities 'short-listed'. Then due to good weather Hiroshima's fate was sealed. Look at the top-right picture. Can you see the T-shaped bridge? That's the target of the bomb from the sky. The bridge is still intact till today where I always cycle on top of it. Bottom-right is how the 'little boy' looks like.
The entrance of this museum is only 50yen. For me, a student, it's free. But 50 yen??Please la..murah gila T_T The museum sangat interesting. I'm glad my husband enjoyed it so much, which is rare!haha..

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