Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parisien Macaroon

I finally know how to make these..
I know..hehe
Finally I know how to make macaroon!!
I don't like macaroon. Paling boleh makan 1 small bite.
Manis sangat T_T
And it is indeed consisted of purely white egg, lots of sugar and almond powder.
Memang bahan yang sangat mudah and ringkas.
No doubt I would be selling this later. Easy to make, and modal pun murah.
But why la macaroon usually are sold so takai (expensive)?
Because this is sooo easy..i'll definitely will be making it again and again and again..gahaha..


  1. macamana nak buat? cerrr ajar sket :)

  2. hehe..inshaAllah..akan diulang process sekali lagi smbil mengambil gambar:) semoga masa mengizinkan:)



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