Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Made in Japan only!

To coffee or tea lover, I'm sure you understand the importance of having a properly served coffee right?

Don't you just love this pot? 
I've been looking for a nice coffee pot like forever.
I've been dreaming for a tea/coffee set, with Japanese element, like months already!
Bosan gila dah kot. lols!
Ada banyak yang cantik but most of them (yang affordable) are made in china!!
wats de poin?>,<
So, yesterday I had guest during tea time.
And guess what, I served them coffee in plastic cup:|
And I have to mentioned "the coffee worth a treasure despite of the cup." I know right..who would say such thing to a guest >,<
Then, in the evening I went out for a matsuri walk with my friend that I stumbled with this cute pot.
Nothing says "I was made in Japan" with the pot.
SIap ada brand kedai kopi yg tak berapa nak best lagi. lols!
But it's cute, high in quality, high durability, light, and......CHEAP!
So, finally I have a decent pot to go with my kawaii coffee cups which I have finally decided to use them, replacing the plastic cup that has been in used for months:| And I have the collection of these pretty sakura cups for quite a long time already.Tapi sayang nk pakai.lols.


  1. i wantttttt.....can pesan ke??please emmaakkkk!pleaseeee

  2. wohoi...sejak bile plak eden gelrn emak?i mummy k:p
    emak nak ape nih >,<

  3. xbleh minum kopi dah. semalam teruk muntah2 minum coffe (erk starbuck - kopi gak la).

  4. awat jadi gitu puan reen oi?>,< angin ka?

  5. nakkkkkk!!!senang laki aku nak buat kopi.nak pesan.grrrrr.jgn malas nk ngepos.please wani yg comel tp kurang comel dr iezawani.hahahaaha.hoi, serious ni nak pesan bley?aku nk yg kaler pink tu.hehehe

  6. rephrase ur sentens >,<
    ko seryes ke udect..ni teko murah je nih.nk saiz besar ke saiz s?yg ni saiz s.



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