Monday, May 28, 2012

Fuji Safari Park

It happened during the last Golden Week we spent together.
Unfortunately, we did not have a very happening getaway to Tokyo due to really bad weather striking the Kanto area. It was raining all day with extra ordinary thunderstorm. Too bad. If we knew this earlier, we would have been spending our golden week in the south, where there were so many matsuris (festivals) held under an extremely nice weather>,<
Oh well, the bright side was we can rest at home:)
It was supposed to be our road trip. The first day, we left Toyohashi, the weather was really nice, so we were convinced. 
We took the shin-tomei, the newly opened highway. I was thrilled all the way, passing by a highway which seems to me consisted by an endless tunnel. I felt like being in sci-fi movie.lols.
We left home so early. We left home under a brightly lit sky with fuzzy breeze, despite it being 5 in the morning.
It was supposed to be a fun and packed trip. Our first stop was the Fuji Safari Park. Oh well, I wasn't really looking forward to visit this place. But, it is located just on the way to Tokyo. So I said, what the hell, just go while we still could.
After a few persinggahan (excited nak stop because the highway was so new to us:D), we finally arrived at 10am. As we were queuing for tickets, the rain suddenly pouring. Lol. Nak patah balik?mana boleh..orang di belakang macam mana ler...lols.
Ok, we have to go on with the plan. We sit in the car for a while and had our breakfast. We were stunned by mikang pan (orange bun). Our first time having that. Also, we managed to find the awesome-est melon pan!
Mikang pan to Melon pan. Bought them during our stop at the Musical scores' symbol conceptual Hamamatsu RnR.

Only after the rain stopped, we started to queue to actually enter the safari.

Yes, we drove inside the safari. It's a drive through safari park. So convenient!! Only a few cars are allowed at certain time interval. So, you won't get stuck in the jam inside. Do not worry.hehe..we were the most front. yey!

Among the view I had and took via my humble phone. It was really exciting!!The animals passed by your car. Binatang yang macam jahat degil sangat adalah cheetah. Lols! Muka marah je..And I voted harimau as the comelest binatang in the safari:D

 I was at first thrilled by the fact, am gonna see lions live!! Tapi when we enter their territory, cehh..rambut lion-lion tu sereyes tak terurus:/ Tak macam dalam movie pun:/ Tapi harimau wa..kawaii sou:') Oh, besides them bear totemo kawaii :') and mereka ini walaupun agak gemok tapi rajin la juga jalan-jalan. lols.
Hubby said (as pengunjung kali ke-4), the animals are supposed to be moving more actively, but maybe it's their lunch time. Well, I agree, most the time they were eating. And maybe, because the rain they seems to be less moving around.
I guess, safari is better than zoo. Lols!
So, if I have kids later, I'd choose safari to expose them to animal kingdom ni. So that mummy and daddy could have a nice time too:D
For friends who are currently in Japan, please include Fuji Safari Park in your list yet-to-go:)


  1. Melon pan looks so yummy! LOL comment part makanan je nampak sgt lapar all the time :p

    Anyway, tq for reviewing this place. InsyaAllah will bring our kid there soon :)

  2. it was indeed yummy^_^
    no problem!will wait for your review;)

  3. hey salam perkenalan dr atie b2b dr johor/pahang



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