Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oyster card!

Somebody asked me about how did I move around in London. I guess many of those who had been there would know this. We moved around via the subway and you can use bus as well.
A few tips we discovered during the trip:

1. If you planning on boarding the train for many times on one day, of course I recommend you to buy the day travel card. However, the day travel card could only be purchased after the peak hour, i.e 9.30 am. Just go to the ticket counter and ask. Day travel card is not so simple as you think. The charge is different by zones. So, it is much advisable for you to plan your trip the night before.

2. Buy oyster. When we first arrived in St. Pancras King's Cross station, we asked many questions regarding oyster (told by our auntie). After much calculations, it's better for you to get oyster as you'll save a few bucks. We did not use much of oyster because most of the time, we use day travel card. Only at the last day we were told we can use the oyster as a day travel card. We tried, but it did not work. lol. Then you guys should try it! Oh, the good thing, you can return your oyster card and get the balance and the cost of oyster card back!

Helping you get the picture how oyster and day travel card looks like. Yang mastercard tu bukanla nk tunjuk kredit..itu sarung oyster. lol XP
Beza Paris and London?
I think for the transportation, Paris jauh murah XP 
I guess price of transportation might be one of the cons for London;)


  1. ye lah guna pound plak... pengsan makkk

  2. hmm..i fikir dr segi percentage je pon dh mhl kot utk satu stop.belom kire pound lg bak kate u:/

  3. we go crazy with the oyster card babe. sampai siap pergi ikea croydon lagi. hahaha. but all in all, the oyster card can save us a lot $$$ aite? :)

  4. kan?save byk.kalo x tu satu stesen je dah 4pound.gilo >,<



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