Friday, May 25, 2012

Road trip

I love love love road trip!!
Maybe I got used to it since my late dad loves to bring us on road tip when I was a child.
So, when he passed, and I became more independent, having a road trip is one thing that I missed.
However, when I was in Malaysia, the excitement of going for road trip was sort of inhibited by the fear of possibility of nature calls:/ 
Now, I'm here, I feel an extreme relief!!
The RnR are indeed beyond my imagination. It's like requesting for betis, tapi dapat semua organ badan walaupun tak perlu pun tak apa. lols.

Take Shin-Tomei Hamamatsu RnR toilet for example. hehe..from left top; the toilet rows from the outside. Oh, and there was not just one row. Next is the facility inside each of the cubicle. All toilets are equipped with washlet. Basically, you don't have to have contact with the toilet bowl at all. There's a lot more buttons besides the washlet's. Next; the powder room and dressing room (looks like fitting room complete with slipper-they are not in the picture). Next is the entrance of the toilet. If salah masuk, tak tahula lagi. lols.
Below picture from left; my husband checking out the touchscreen directory. Next, is the wash sink with movement sensor (kesimpulannye, you will not need to have contact with anything in the toilet!).Next is the food court. You can expect the 5 star cleanliness here. 

Actually, ada lagi yang lagi superb dari ini. hehe..(I macam dah jadi RnR investigator:p)
This one is in Shin-Tomei (newly open highway as an alternative to the Tomei highway).
For those from Shizuoka prefecture, and familiar with Tomei highway, I recommend you to try Shin-Tomei.
The idea of Shin-Tomei came when Tomei highway was always congested with cars especially during peak of holidays. So, they are trying to overcame this by offering alternatives road, not to just cure the congestion in Tomei, but also providing a better highway road for the users. 
The new shin-tomei is designed to have less steep and corner angle, thus reducing the risk of accidents.
Tomei highway is well-known for it's magnificent view of the ocean as well as Fuji Mountain along the road.
Shin-Tomei maybe missed the ocean, but it provided the same jaw-dropping view of Fuji Mountain.
As the first timer, you might be thrilled by the seemingly endless tunnel along the Shin-Tomei highway.
This highway providing an alternative road across the mountains!!

Ok, I should stop giving reports about the roads. Excuse my road-trip craze.hehe

Malaysia pun boleh buat RnR macam ni satu hari nanti. I hope Malaysian are soon ready to be more focus on things that matter most. Soon I hope.

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