Saturday, May 26, 2012

How I finally find my 'sacred space'.

When I first arrived in my current department, I have difficulties finding the space for solat.
As expected. I know. My husband kept pushing me to ask my supervisor to provide a decent space for me.
Of course I was skeptical to ask as I think that may sound like..demanding?
But I did asked him. He knew that I will come and eventually ask for that. He told me I can pray anywhere. 
Unfortunately, I think he was the only one who understands my situation.

So, for the first week, I solat nearby my own desk.
Unfortunately, my room at that time is their filing room. On top of that, my desk was located in front of my big boss's room. I shall remind you that he is the vice chancellor and the head of the department. Therefore, he is quite famous and always received a visitor. So, I always think it was not appropriate to pray in the middle of passing visitors. Apart from that, if my boss is not around, people will be so shock when they found me performing my prayer as they open the door. Sigh..I take, they did not know much about muslim.

So, I ask my muslim friend if I can pray at their praying space in their department.
One of my friend, an Indonesian, is more than delightful to let me pray.
So, I come at praying time, although I found it tiring to run there at every praying time and have to notice her in prior. I felt like I put her in so much trouble.
Then, another friend, a man, showed me his praying space. It was at an emergency staircase. I tried once, and I did not feel comfortable either. The fact that I am a female usually was the reason. In addition to that, maybe I was not used to the situation where you have to pray at any place but a mosque or surau. I think those two reasons contributed strongly to my uneasiness when the prayer time comes.

Since first discussion my husband kept telling me go to the roof top. But I was again, skeptical. He always pushes me to be strong, independent. I know he intended good.
After trying so many ways, I finally listened to him. So, I climbed the stairs to the 7th floor.
The floor just consisted of one room, keeping the PCR machine. Only few people occasionally access the room. Next to it, is a wide, clean space (because no people going there) enough for me to pray comfortably.
What else can I say, except Alhamdulillah...

My praying space on the roof top. 

Only after a few months I got used to solat merata-rata situation. In fact it makes me feel proud to be a muslim, and have the nerve to perform prayer at anywhere I like. It has indeed built the confidence in me.
So, if you have to pray outside, and the people are staring at you, just stare back and smile:) 
Good luck for those who will be joining me as a foreign muslim students anywhere you will, especially to my dear friend, Paie. Looking forward to meeting you in this bumi sakura:D


  1. prod of you!!mmg susah kn klu diorang tak phm..i went to korean village masa pi korea tu pun diorang stare at me sbb pki tudung..T_T a few days jugak kena qada solat 4 waktu sekali sebab keadaan tak mengizinkan..huhuhu

  2. itula..padehal,ade je muslim pernah study at this dept.they said i am weird sbb x mnm yg dulu tu minom je.hmm.



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