Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raye pengantin baru di perantauan (sedih sungguh tajuk T_T)

Salam ladies!!

Actually I am not in the mood of writing. But this time I need to force myself to do this cz I am getting lazier everyday since jd housewife ni..haishh...scared if this continues till start of October T_T..
I gotta find 'the spirit' back. I consider the doing doctorate in Hiroshima is the biggest 'war' I have ever let mysef gotten involved to T_T

Knowing my lazy bump..I have never wanted a hard way.
That's why, I have never looking for a man. I let the man find me. lol!
So, only a man who is rajin enuf to chase me, wins.
*ape yg aku mengarut ni;p*

Ok2, as the tajuk written on's about my very2 pengantin baru..yg beraye di perantauan T_T (I can't believe I am one of those who has to raye di perantauan T_T..why!!why!!!doshte!!doshte!!)

Raya was on Friday rite??
My hubby got his cuti approved on Thursday..11p.m T_T (I know it's so pathetic).
Nevertheless, I was still feeling grateful of at least he got to cuti.
So, he decided to bring me raya at the embassy in Tokyo. Lagipun, our arrival was expected by En. Rozian (the pegawai in the malaysia embassy). He spared us a room in his house. Tht's how kind he is.

And so I was packing while he broke his fast and had a short rest.
We started our journey at 330a.m. The journey was about 300km and it took us about 4hours to reach Tokyo. Honestly I didn't feel like 4 hours pn until...I sang raya song about baju raye...

That time I realized that...we left our one and only baju raya at home T_T..It was when we past the 150th km of our journey. Turning back??x logik sunggoh..T_T..

So, the black awan was following me through the rest of the journey.
I was thinking...what my hubby going to wear (while looking at him wearing a shirt and a short =[)..
Suddenly I remembered there's a parcel from my mom in the boot. I open it (laju2..abes tecabot sume)..n I saw a baju kuron..I was so relieved..n quickly told my hubby about my plan: pinjam baju en. Rozian..after long waiting for en. rozian to reply..we managed to get one pink baju melayu for mr. hubby.yatta...

However, I was still feeling frustrated. Cz baju raye I mmg lawa (prasan) ..n d most important hubby cud only wear baju raye on 1 syawal je..bile lg die nk pakai baju baru hantrn tu..huhu..kesian mr hubby T_T..

That's the reason we ended up of unmatched everything..
See our pictures everything x kene ...

Us in front of the Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo. sob2..baju raye kitorang..dahla fes time raye same2 T_T..serbe x match
This photo plak just to show how I was alone that day. Most of them already knew each other. I was so frustrated when Malay don't welcome Malay in an outside community. So sad when it happens. Oh, another thing, look at the sweet couple behind me. You wud be jealous of how they treated each other. They are sooo in love that you can definitely see.

Rase glemer sebentar mase kt embassy cz I was dropped off by a Mercedes and later picked up by Mercedes jgk..haha..padehal nobody pon =p

Afterwards, kt rumah En. Rozian I was helping the others preparing food for open house in the evening. Only god knows how I held my tears remembering home.

When the VVIP arrived. Yg baju cokolat tu is the ambassador.

Here, we only raya 1 day je..Second day, I didn't feel as it is raye pon..
So, my hubby bring me shopping at the Nippori. It's a heaven utk beli2 kaen2 ela ni. Sgt murah. I especially love the cotton. I bought mostly kain yg murah2 je cz I x sampai hati to let my hubby pay for everything. I wud rather he buys for his family first..
*I can't wait for my schola masok (hate to be dependent on others T_T)*
Unfortunately, no photos of me in Nippori..terlampau sibuk pileh kaen..hehe

Oh, actually we went to Nippori to send hubby's fren beli kaen buat baju nikah;) hehe..
Later he wanted to buy boot n shoes kot.
That's how we ended up in Ueno.
Ueno is really a pasar i cud say. Mmg mcm pasar. But more clean of course=)
Seriously it's a heaven for sports brand mcm Nike and Adidas. They sell it lambak2 je..and it's genuine guys..

Me and mom-to-be lepaking at a Kebab stall in Ueno. She cannot walk much, so that's y.hehe

Mase kt Ueno all hubbies were out of ctl. We lost them T_T..balik2 tgk dorang plak shoping byk2 T_T..

Next, we went to Tokyo Dome.

Us in front of Tokyo DOme..serius xde feeling pegi sini..The guys besla telompat2..huhu
This place adelah tempat baseball game. Also, ade many2 rides surrounding the dome ni. So, this place mmg antare attraction in Tokyo. Rides on hari raye??No, thanks=|

Third day of Syawal..
Actually we wer supposedly spend our day in Toyohashi (where my home is). But En. Rozian insisted to bring me to Gontemba Outlet Store. It's on the way to Nagoya (the city where I live). So, no reason for my husband to refuse his proposal kan.
Us with En. Rozian's 'big family'. Actually all of us are not related to En. Rozian. Yet he let us stay in his home and pay for our meal T_T..baiknye..All the boys are my hubby's friend. Me??no fren lo..T_T

That's how I spent my raya as the newlywed n teros beraye di perantauan.
Honestly, I still missed my family=( like I am not ready to leave yet T_T..up until now, I still missing my mom, n sisters=( I miss the moment of going raya every weekends in Syawal to frens house sume..bukan nk mkn pon..nk jmpe and borak2 je..I miss everything in Malaysia T_T..

Sekian, luahan perasaan saye..sob2 T_T

Wassalam n selamat berhari raye..


  1. ala.. jangan sedih2.. biase la berada di negara org..
    atleast ux sambut raye sorg2... :)

  2. Ingat kan g Nagoya beli kain lagi. rupe2 nye ur city. hahaha XD Siannye lupe baju raye. xpe wani, next raya ade lagi. haha. Fariza tgh pregnant erk? die stay area ur house ke? kem salam kat die erk. ^_^

  3. fariza dok kt nagaoka..jauh sgt2..jmpe mase g umah en.rozian je.die selalu lepak fact en. rozian byk jage die mase die pregnant.oh yes, she's 5 months pregnant=)

  4. samela kt wani 1st tym raye kt in geelong ,melb not that bad to adapt n live with it.jgn sedih2.atleast ade hubby tuh.selamat hari raya+maaf zahir batin.~penat

  5. penato (pronunciation in japanese;p)
    dh tau dh ko..slamat hari raye..maaf zahir batin..
    ko pon further study ke??under UM jgk eh??
    mmgla hv to adapt..but to b honest..i m not hepi with my life here T_T huhu..maybe belom lg kot..huhu

  6. auwww. selamat hari raya to u dear. do take care k dkt sana. ;)

  7. selamat hari raye pn. rocker n mr. rocker juge...
    hv fun raye petame besame sbg suami isteri..malaysia raya is d best la!



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