Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fine!the home..finally=p

Salam ladies..

hehe..many posts in a day.Tiring huh??

Ok, I have to put up this post no matter what. Cz my frens are waiting this one for so long=p

It's my new home.

Thoroughly, my house consisted of 'rumah bujang punya perabot'. I'm okay with it cz I only live here for 2 months je T_T huhu..(then I have to pindah to Hiroshima ALONE to pursue my study T_T)

The living room. Where the TV is..

The heart of a home. In japan, u will find the kitchen first when u enter a home.

The bilik2 air..hehe..oh, shud I put the photos showing the inside??=p

Mesin basuh pun nk tunjok??

Bed room=p it's quite huge..I don't know which part to show=p

From our veranda. It's hubby's parking lot.

The veranda and ampai kain.So tinggi..susah nk ampai T_T

The housewife's office=p

So, that's it!!any questions??LOL!!



  1. Gosh. bestnye ade rumah sendiri...mine siap 2012. T_T lame lagi. hikhi. Kamu nak pindah hiroshima? sian same hubby kamu donggg...haha. Ruang tamu & dapur kamu sangat comel! If us, me & sabby dtg hanimun sane...mane la kami nak tido..haha. that a single bed? uuuuu...sound kinky. hahaha XD

  2. single bed kah? atau korang tido atas lantai macam aku tengok shinchan selalu buat? hehehe..

  3. SCR:jgn risau..besa la rumah ni..satu pair tido ruang tamu..satu pair tido dapor=p hehe..
    fifi:iya..single bed..mane maen katel luas2..x mesre ar korang=p

  4. for a japanese home.. i thk its really spacious. my fren dulu duk studio je..

    and u nk duk alone? siannye.. jauh tak ur hubby's place frm urs? masters or phd u're pursuing?

    also, we LOVE One Piece too!! suke luffy!



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