Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding cake...the story

Salam and Konnichiwa...

What a co-incidence when almost everybody put new entries about wedding cake. Hmm...so I was thinking about my wedding cake.

Unlike most of the B2b, I didn't put much attention to it. In fact, I never intended to have one until a week until my wedding day. Still, I did asked here and there (the one with websites) for quotation.

At first, i was planning to have one small novelty cake. This was because I never want to see the cake end up in rubbish bins. That's the reason for small and yet memorable cake.
I asked a quotation from this one famous blogger. If I mentioned here, you guys sure familiar kan. I asked for one novelty cake (designed by me..very simple..plain and ade football and heels on top). The price she quoted was soo mahal. It's not her fault pon..it's just that I cannot afford it. i was then asking for some amendments to the design so that can fit into my budget. She said she will do try. After a month, I didn't get any reply from her. I did sent her an email but there was no reply. Pity me la x dpt cake cz budget rendah...T_T

After that, I decided to change to pulut kuning. I thought pulut kuning was way cheaper than the cake. And older people pon suke mkn.
To my surprise, they are actually quite the same price as the cake. It can reach even mahal than the cake for the same amount of tiers, unless if you guys nk buat sendiri.
I proposed the project of 'buat-pulut-kuning-sendiri' to my aunty. She was okay, until I learnt that for 3 tiers pulut kuning, we might need about 20kilos of pulut???omg..that wud be a troublesome for everybody!!!
And tht's y, i ended up with cakes.

There was another incidence which help convinced me to have wedding cake instead of pulut kuning.
During my bestie wedding, a lot of kids were waiting around the table, waiting to get their hands on the cake. I was so touched to see how happy their face during the waiting. Later when i turned, my frens yg dah taraf bapak2 budok asking for the whole 1 tier to be shared with others on the table. Wedding cake made them stayed longer.hehe..
I know these are just small reasons to add to yours. But, for me, these smalls things are huge=)

Wedding cakes during my reception. Typical three tiers. I wanted a fondant cake at first. However, my nieces and nephew wud not eat the cake if it's fondant. Also my frens yg dtg. They personally requested for cream..Alhamdulillah...save cost siket kt situ=)
This wedding cake, you can get it at almost all cake house. Sbb ni cake yg biase saje. However, I found that cake house yg ade name like KINGS tu sgt2 expensive even for the butter cream. baik u go to secret recipe. You can get fondant cake yg sgt cantek and yet wayy cheaper.
I took an advice from my fren yg married few months before me. She advised me to go to cake house yg biase2 je. Sometimes their cake lg sedap n of course they sell it at cheaper price.
For the butter cream cake, you have two options whether sponge cake or butter cake. butter cakes are more expensive that the sponge cake (make sense la kan). But, butter cake wayy sdp than sponge cz the texture lg padat n the tastes are richer.
So, i chose butter cream cake with butter cake in the inside, and all tiers consisted of different flavors. The flavors are according to my feveret people's choice. One of the cake was orange flavor. To remind me of my late dad who loved orange cake so much=).
I thought I kept the story behind my wedding cake less complicated. Turned out, the story is quite...long;p

Oh, until the majlis ends, cake byk lagi remains. About one whole tier yg atas tu. Hmm..pelik y people x nk mkn yg chocolate.
So, until the day i fly, the remaining of the cake sat still on my dining table together with my hantaran cake T_T...huhu

wedding cake during my bertandang. The whole tiers are fondants and REAL. haha..all tiers could be eaten k. My MIL had a hard time to distribute this cake to people;p hihi..Tp sedap la..butter cake inside (of course la kan sbb fondant).

Everytime I saw the picture of us duringbertandang, I feel jealous with my hubby. His baju was superb la..while mine x siap from head to toe. xpe2..I looked fine no matter what=p

We will be separated again in 10 days=( i was crying last night thinking about that (with background snore by my bedmate) T_T


  1. i love the elegance look of fondant cake, tp tu la, it can cost a bomb... and a fren of mine advice, u could request wedding cakes from ur caterer.. and thank god my caterer will provide me 3-tire complementary cake.. tp rasanya, x tahu la sedap ke tidak.. harap2 sedap la hendak nya

  2. zaila...jgn risau..mesti sedap punye...
    tula..i pon x ingt.i shud ask my caterer.yg bertandang tu compliment from d caterer=)



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