Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The saviour

Salam beauties...

I am one of the bride who suddenly has problemsss with jerawats as the date got near.
I really feel annoyed as I am a person who do not have to go so far for facial care. But y..mase nk kawen..jerawat mcm mase kite nk reach puberty T_T

I've tried everything yg ade kt watson tu dah. During that time I was seriously broke. I was watching every pennies out. What's worst, I didn't allocate any money for this face problem. n yes, they really took quite big portion of it.

After many2 failed attempts (while it's gettin worse)..I decided to beli yg mhl tros!!
I am a Shiseido user. So, I tried Shiseido dulu.
And worked. yes, in one night.

However, the jerawats mmg akan keep coming all the way of your preparation. I think that cannot be avoided. That's just how your body responds to tiredness.
So, this cream that I am about to show you really works wonders.

This is the cream. It's a clear coloured cream so u can apply it on even on the make up=) Oh, apply it frequently tau.

Hope this helps for b2b who's still experimenting remedies for jerawats.

FYI, i dh x pakai dh cream as soon after everything settled..i hardly seen any bumps on my face.huhu..see..seriously ni sume angkare stress..

Gudluk b2b..n Happy Syawal!


  1. dlm 80 plus worth it.sampai skrg x abes..hehe

  2. syg! x clear la name die..leh bg clear x ape name die..?? if in 80 plus i nak beli jgk la..x kire la mahal pun mahal skt..janji can cure d pimplesssss neh dgn segera..!

  3. OMG..I didn't noticed ur comment=p gomen ne!
    ade satu je ubat pimple kt shiseido counter tu dear.u can just ask them .."ubat pimple satu!"

  4. x clear eh??tu die tules 'pureness blemish targeting gel...(yang d rest sendiri pon x!)'



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