Thursday, September 16, 2010

The knot for Mr. Hubby

Salam ladies...

I had high fever indeed...oh yes..with food poisoning too..T_T
I wud consider today is miracle cz apparently Mr. HUbby return home quite early to be able to go to kusuriya (pharmacy) n buy me ubat ;) hihi..n now I am fit as a fiddle.Alhamdulillah..

Well...during my demam siang td..I don't have the energy even to watch tv. I was so mad that I wasted one day of my honeymoon ..T_T..(i mean honeymoon in my study life la). I had also attempted to post another entry to this blog. Tp larat letak gamba je..that's how bad my condition was.

I remembered my frens were asking about my ring..n also his ring.
Em..actually I was feeling reluctant to share info about the ring. *bukan kedekut...cume segan;p*
Tp I think it's ok for hubby's ring kot. my ring to custom design so, it was my personal design la *ngade*
But my mom hates the ring cz bukan emas kale kunin kan??huhu..
*mak..its not like I wanna trade my wedding ring..sigh*

Hubby's ring was from Diamond Platinum. It is a platinum ring. No doubt for him to wear it for solat. Simple je. Just like he wished.

Ok. Now mystery has been solved;p

1 comment:

  1. hi dear..i nk tanye psl cincin L tu..u beli kat mne?harge dalam bpe ye?sbb i pun tgh survey nk belikan cincin tuk tunang i..klu u xkisah nak share..u email kat i ye..
    thanks dear!



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