Thursday, September 2, 2010

The warm welcome

Hello ladies!

It's been a month since the day=)

How do i feel??

After a month, yeah...u'll still got the pengantin baru blues...The love is still thicking (hopefully forever) and yeah..people are still celebrating our union. Becoz we got married just a few days before Ramadhan, the title pengantin baru stuck to us quite a while cz no fren are taking the title in a month at least=p
We keep receiving gifts from our friends. Especially from those
who could not attend (most of them are hubby's cz they are mostly staying in, x dpt nk balik). Even so, thank you thank you for the thoughts=)

Ok, I think I owe you many2 post. I have even forgotten about the
date of the pictures I took. sigh..

So, I think I better start with the first day that I arrived in Japan.

When we landed, we were picked up by hubby's best f. And to my surprise, he brought another guy with him. I didn't know who was him. He is Malaysian of course..n driving Merc, he is sure somebody huh.

Hubby's fren took the picture the arrival of pengantin baru=p

Hubby's friend who have waited for our arrival=) Thank u!

Some of the views (before I snooze =p)

Tokyo..The red steel tu..Tokyo Tower

Tokyo tower dr dekat..

So, he drove us to his house at the embassy. Apparently his house located at the most top. According to my hubby, he is somebody at the embassy (therefore the house is at the most top)..but he doesn't act like one. Thank god=) He is so nice to allocate us a room just for us (yg padahal x kenal pon T_T)..

I call him..En. Rozian

We lived there for 3 days. Sgt bes cz..the foods were taken care of. Cz v got mami (its a He, En. Rozian's brother=]).
During my stay there, I never felt homesick. Cz they treated me as family. I was surrounded by Malaysian which made me forget that I was already in Japan. During my stay, most of the people in the house were guys. They are my hubby, his fren, En. Rozian, his brother n nephew and there's another guy which I was not sure of his relationship to others=p ahaha..

My hubby's fren is married with my friend back in high school. She is Fariza who is 5 months pregnant with twins!!(how murah rezeki she is kan??). So, I spent my time talking wife with her=p ahaha..

The after Iftar..sume dh tebongkang..this was before terawikh. I was talking with mami about kuih raye project=p

The family portrait=) The most right is En. Rozian, the shelter provider=p

Ok, that's all about the very warm welcome I had. Even so, I still missing my mom so badly. I hope she doing just fine without me at home.
This post is surely not related kan??hehe..but, i insisted to keep it here as the first post marking my life after being queen-for-a-day=)


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