Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tokyo is getting near to Malaysia!!!

Salam beauties ^_^

Anyways, air asia has launched their flight to Tokyo! wee...Alhamdulillah...
my hubby said the price is soooo cheap. it's like ur one week belanje dapur here.

Unfortunately, I am not eligible to purchase coz I will b staying in Hiroshima, which is very far from Tokyo. The cost for me to get to Tokyo to get on the plane pon even mahal dpd the flight ticket itself.

Therefore, I will b waiting for AirAsia to come to Kansai, Osaka..*pray hard*.

My husband sgt untung.cz he usually took his flights back from Tokyo. He can even balik Malaysia every week pon if he wanted too...

Anyways (lagi...)..for B2b who's still planning ur honeymoon, please consider Tokyo yeah. Promise you its a very nice place to stay. really...hihi...
Ada byk tpt menarik. I guess I'll make one entry to promote Tokyo la later.hihi..
Us yg bedating kt Tokyo. During that time, I didn't know tht I'm gona get married in the same year jugak..huh.kalo tau, simpan duet byk2;p

Btw, the ticket is open for booking this Thursday (23rd). Act fast!

Just read a bad post about myself. She said she's my bestfriend. But why was she ditching me without asking my clarification first=(


  1. post pasal ape wani???
    nak bace gak..
    anyway... u tny dkt die n minta explanation dulu.

  2. nak bace??xmo la..e ein..wani sendiri pon x sggp nk bace=( it's ok. eein..lets times decide.i am ok with that cz its all not true=)

  3. oo... xpe2.. toksah lyn khabar2 angin itu...
    klo layan buat penin aje

  4. bestnya dating di tokyo! nanti buat entry tentang tokyo ya. suke..!!



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