Friday, September 17, 2010

For Vanilla and Peppermint and Saidah!


It's late already (at least in Japan)..but I have to post this...I have to post this;p


Another bestie of mine is pregnant!!

She is Paie (Faie) from Vanilla and peppermint!!theeeheheh....(mcm ruangan gosip pulek..)

Spotted!!Paie kanan skali.yg paling behemah tu beliau la..haha..lihat di kiri skali (yg lg slim dpd perantin T_T)..sape tu??kalo pandai, sile teke;p
*selection of this picture becoz of 'minimal' pose by pengantin. Hence, this will not overshadow the person that I wud like to describe ;p LOL*

Huh....(calming down)..
two brides of SajenTwo (my dorm during my stay in SAMURA) also brides of 2010 dh preggy.
They are Faie and Ida.

I pray the best for both of you. I love you all..Take care. See u with baby bumb in a few months!!

SCR...sile sediekan due kusi spesel for these two moms yekk (let's pray it's gona be three, k.)

KetueDOM: QueenForADay


  1. kenapekah gambar ini yg dipilih...? huhuhu. i look like plywood la kat situ. huhuh. Wajib kamu semua dtg kenduri aku ye. haha

  2. wani.. thank you for the wish and prayers. InsyaAllah dalam end of april or early may baby nie keluar. do take care of yourself kat jepun.

    p/s: phd aku postpone maybe by end of 2011 due to pregnancy.

  3. LA:haha..nk cpt sbb excited;p tgn mcm menggelupor sket
    paie:dont mention it. u derserve lots an lots of wishes n prayers.yey!!thn dpn sebok sambut baby pule..we r indeed growring togede dont we??tangguh eh??its ok paie.uve got nothing to lose pon.take care.jgn lasak2.
    p/s:phd susah T_T



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