Friday, September 3, 2010

A thank you post

Salam Ladies..

This morning hubby handed me a card, its easier for me to transfer the photos without the needs to on another computer. Hence, less complicated in posting a new entry=p hehe..

So, I found lots and lots of photos of me n hubby during 'acare bukak hadiah'.

Part of the hadiah that we received

Us just after the bride's reception=) ur wishlist actually worked??
In my case, they do=) So, buat wishlist k.

However, I got many little things jgk. These people tau yg I will not be staying in Malaysia. So, they wud like me to have things that I cud carry with me to Japan. They are especially my close friends and of course my family members.
People said u'll b murah rezeki after u got married. It's true=) Alhamdulillah..

It's been a month, but I still couldn't find the opportunity to thank you all yg sudi bg hadiah.

Thank you Thank you.

Oh, personally wud like to thank my mom n MIL. Dorang punye hadiah mmg plg superb la..xtau nk pakai yg mane satu T_T..huhu..

To my sister who knows whats best for me..mcm tau2 je I lack of another piece. Thank you for the earrings=)

Hmm..if I wanna list it down, it's gonna be another boring post kan??
So, I guess I'll stop here=p



  1. hihi..jgn kawen mmg cantula prezen die..melimpah2;p



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