Thursday, September 2, 2010

The second day that I shud share

Salam beauties..

Actually I cud put this entry together with the previous one. But, itu pon dh boring for u guys, let alone if I add some length to it kan??

So, I decided to merge them into two posts (sigh..plis wani..u dont have to elaborate it tambah pnjang T_T)..

ok2, lets start with what I did during the second day..
FYI..I was asleep haf of d day!!I dont know y..but I just mengantuk T_T huhu..pity fariza xde kwn nk ckp..

n my hubby??

Ape lg..main game la..

Before we went shopping in Tokyo..we had a photography session at the veranda.

The newlyweds. One couple with baby..another one xde baby lg=p Btw, this was the first time I tasted the hotness of Japan's summer. Seriously..pns gle!!38.1 dgree..brrr..I cudnt open my eyes!!(oh..lg satu sbb bengkak of too much sleep=p)

The couples with En. Rozian, tuan rumah=)

En. ROzian jd photographer hubby was carrying my f21 bag. Full of new clothings=) hihi while waiting En. Rozian driving the car out of the parking..I don't know if v have this kind of parking space in Malaysia. So easy that v just have to drive the car into the space and leave the car there. The computer will find the space for the car! n it's cheap too=)

Really hope that Mr. Hubby can get cuti for Hari raya. I want to go raya there so badly=(
*Pray hard*

It's once again, QueenForAday!


  1. ada parking cam tu.. kat plaza GM KL .. hehehehehe..

  2. plaza GM tu lain kak..kite kene pyh carik..masok kete dlm kotak..pastu blah;p

  3. fariza ni rupenyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. hahaha baru ingt. hahaha. tak sabar nk tunggu post pasal rumah. hahah



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