Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ok2..japanese food mmg sedap n no more denki sehin for the moment please..

Salam lovelies;)

Firstly, I would like to apologize as this entry is not related to wedding stuff.
hihi...I am so lazy to get another blog, hence this blog already becoming a rojak. Mind the rojakness will u??hehe

Since we got married, we cud hardly find time to go dating like other normal couples.
Yela after all the majlis settled I am busy with my prep to move to Japan.
My husband pulak busy with his stuff la kan. We were even went out separately mase kt Malaysia.
When we reached Japan, it's already Ramadhan. With him being so busy to the max, dating is not in the list. If there are free times, there's none other thing that I want him to do except, get enough rest.

Just yesterday, we finally have time to go out and doing stuff which I consider a waste of time=p dating xde tujuan.

Since it's about two weeks till my day of moving to Hiroshima, he decided to bring me shoping home stuff at the Nitori. Nitori is a mall like Ikea. Mmg mcm Ikea. It's just that I love Ikea more. hehe..cz the food court serve good food with good price=p
Mr hubby choosing cadar for his wife. hihi..cz I don'r have the interest to do shopping yg menyedihkan.no no..

Later we went to a shoping mall just beside Nitori. Yg x besnye..there's electric store at one of the floor T-T...I hate when we stumbled onto electric store. Cz my hubby will definitely forget about me and went all around the kedai until he literally memorized all the prices T_T.. i must say that electrical store is my hubby's feveret dating spot when we wer a couple T_T

His new passion for now. tp nye survey x abes2 T_T Plizla somebody convince him to just buy one and try first..uhuhu..

Went to the wayang and bowling alley. I was not in the mood for both. Adekah saye dh tue sbb x rase pon nk buat due mende tu T_T ..n we almost terbeli kasut bowling ..haha..sbb murah beno2..

Br pukul 1230 my hubby said he's almost fainted of starvation while we just had a heavy breakfast before we went out. uhu..so, carik mkn jom!

We are at the Joyful. It's a family restaurant yg open 24hours. And I just love the food. sgt sedap. This was the first time i actually ate Japanese food after been here for 2 months!!!ahaha...
And please...sgt sedap!!

My hubby's meal. More tasteful than mine T_T (as usual..I made faces and tada...we switched meal..ngehehe). I cook japanese rice at home. Tp knape x sedap mcm kedai ni??hmmpphh..

hehe...this post purposely written to show to this one particular friend, japanese food kt atas ni je..haha..

Sorry b2b for unrelated post..again T_T


  1. U got me drooling over here!!! huuuuuuuu *_*

  2. ahahah.. buat muka kesian terus dpt tukar meal dgn acap... adei.. manja betul la kamu ni wani. heheheh

  3. SCR:hihi..sgt2 sedap la japanese food ;p
    paie:yosh!!modal tu..jgn bgtau acap..ngahahah..
    paie...ko la org yg ke-244 ckp cantu T_T huhu



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