Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chocolate cheese cake!here it is!!

Salam lovelies..

Seriouly, I don't want my housewife's time ends T_T I think I love this job. however, I still have to watch what I am saying as real housewife usually involves kids.huff...I don't think I am ready for that la pulak...huhu...

At first I was feeling a lil doubt of mysef. To be seated at home and do all the chores. Honestly, I never do any of the chores..err..since I left boarding school T_T

I am the kind of girl who loves doing outdoor activities..u name it!asalkan outdoor..including melepak kt starbucks talking rubbish T_T

My husband knew me that well. He even taught me how to use washing machine anddd...rice cooker (but I am not that bad la..its just the rice cooker's button is written in kanji..i x paham T_T), the first day, I cooked the rice for 2 hours..and it never boils until my hubby reaches home T_T..haha

As for the washing machine, there's a lot of coloured button. All kanji written la kan..The first day, I forgot which button should I push...and after few minutes, the meachine all the screw wanted to come out T_T huhu...

However, now I'm getting better, efficient and er....gud;p hihi

I know how to cook really well..
So far, I never repeat cooking d same dishes;p see..that's how short two months cud b.

I know my family (especially my mom n sister) are very worried of how I'm going to treat my husband. I never had times learning how to cook or anything before the wedding. Even I said I wanna learn..I usually ended up doing something else..T_T...sigh..

However, I had this imagination thingy in my head of how a dish was made. So, usually all my cooking are based on my sense. Sometimes, to make sure of a recipe, I just give my sister a buzz. She's always by my side...even there's ocean in between us;) That's how a good sister she is to me;) Even so, I usually refused to google the recipe or asking around. I love to discover everything by my self. far so good with 90% success;p ahaha..

In my facebook, I have an album of my cooking. I know it's not a big deal. BUt for me, it is. Coz that's the first time ever I am cooking those dishes.
This album was actually made to show my mom of my cooking. Cz she's been terribly worried of what I fed my husband. Oh, my mom is a woman who's still believe that a wife should cook for their family no matter how busy u r (it's about the air2 tangan tu la).
Another reason for this album was..because one some people who made fun of me, becos I neve cook before. And they get skeptical of how I'm gona handle my marriage.
I got sooo pissed and taraa...the album.

In the album...yes..many people are asking for the recipes.

Among all foodies yg dilampirkan..(cz I wasn't actually put all my cooking in the album. Mane yg sempat snap je..usually when hubby comes home late)
the chocolate cheese cake made them drooling the most. Ramai yg mintak recipe.
That was the first time I made that cake. I got the recipe from Mami (En.Rozian's brother).
Of course with some amendments. Cz my kitchen was not that complete during that time.

I promised a lot of people to post the recipe here.
Finally I made it!!
Here it is!!
The Chocolate Cheese Cake (I made up the name...sorry if x sedap;p)

These are what you need.

Ingredients A
1- 250g butter
2-160g caster sugar
3-1/8 table spoon salt

Ingredients B
1- 2 eggs
2- 1 egg yolk

Ingredients C
1- 120g plain flour
2-20g cocoa powder
3-1/4 table spoon double action baking powder

Beat Ingredients A until creamy and add eggs one at a time and mix well. Oh my, mind the photos..I had let the butter melt at room temp since morning..but sbb ni kan autumn...everything refused to melt T_T nk tak nak....i force the butter to mix...bahahhaa..

Next, slowly masukkan ingredients C. But, since I nk cpt, tabur je sume...(tsk2...not gud example..don folo haa...)

This is the ingredients for the Cheese batter:
1-250g softened cream cheese (one box mmg dh, no need weighing;)
2- 80g caster sugar
3- 1 egg

*ada recipe yg can add lemon juice..I think it will taster lg sedap kot.

Okeh, like butter, my cream cheese pon refuse to melt. Again, I have to force mix with others gune high speed mixer;p

At the end of the process, u'll get two portions; the chocolate and cheese. (lihat beketul2 sumenye sbb xmo melt T_T)

Grease the baking pan eh. You can do it more properly by lining the baking tin with greaseproof paper. But, I don't have that in my poor kitchen.

How to mix those portions in the tin?
Just spoon them alternately onto the tin and swirl through with a fork for marbled effect.
*I could not capture the moment I did that cz my hand was messy camera is a brand new;p ahahhaa

Bake at 180 degree for 45 minutes (or until cook)

This is how it will looks like..hmm...bile nk demonstrate ni x cantik pule...I think I overcook the top..but the taste..marvellous!!!my feveret cake for the time being;)

have a try!!

The worst thing about being apart when u realized that..u have fallen in love with him more than the 10 years ago T_T


  1. I'm sooooo gonna try this sooooooooooooooooooon. Bile ade kelapangan. hihihi

  2. senang je kn??sile try.u'll b so addicted to it.hihi

  3. nampak gmbr fb lagi sedap lah. nak jugak try tapi xde oven la. kang aku masak dlm periuk agak2 jadi x? heee..
    haish! susah bile baker aku dah pindah jepon.

    (hahaha...comel sunggoh ko kacau batter dalam periuk...heheh)

  4. tula nye...sebok melayan guess..skali telupe daa kek dlm oven ok je..die hitam sket je ats tu tp x bekerak pon;p
    tula..abes calar blr akunye tefal kene mixer tu T_T



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