Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The pre-bulan madu..sigh..

Salam ladies!!

It's so late but I have to force my eyes open. I need to get a flight ticket for my hubby since we didn't manage to get any from MAS.sigh..
N now, I am waiting for AirAsia to open its booking.hehe..just in time AirAsia coming here nampaknye;p
Oh well, we must get our ass back in Malaysia for my sister's wedding. So, that's why..we are searching for tickets like krezee..

Ok2..while waiting for this AirAsia, it reminded me of our pre-hanimun (sigh..I don't get it..hanimun is still hanimun fer me..but my hubby insisted in calling 'that trip' our pre-hanimun=| watever.)

I was reluctant to share with all of you my experience of the trip. Cz, first, i was so tired from the wedding. And second, I am sick. yesh, physically sick. I was in pain most of the time. However, I am trying my best to hide it from my hubby T_T..huk2..
n FYI, i didn't get a chance to go see doctor because...I just knew that I am sick when I was in the plane heading to Singapore. Very good...kn??

Ok, my hubby was trying to sooth my pain by bringing me first, to..Orchard Road...with our luggage..sigh..haha..
However, due to my pain, I couldn't walk that much=(
Lucky me that he was not so impressed with that place. So, I don't have to go into all malls that I used to. I made no damage to his account so far..haha..

Put this picture in purpose. To show how difficult for us to find halal food there. I don't know whether we went to the wrong place or what.
This is from Ayam Penyet. My husband has to ask every stall there. And lucky we found one. Then i cud sit.haha..n to be save, v just had fish. Tp ini sgt2 sedap....

Good thing about Singapore is, it is small and the train is reliable and...fast (I must say). We arrived at our hotel in a very short time (plus I have been here once and there's not much difference from two years ago).
Yes girls, we were honey mooning in Sentosa Island, Singapore.
Why we choose this place??
1-Because it is the nearest place and suited to the time available for us to go honeymoon (remember, we got married just two weeks before Ramadhan)
2-Because hubby wanted to go to overseas no matter what. And we just have 3 days. Where else to go. And he didn't want any place in Indonesia..sigh..
3-Because we are excited to experience Universal Studio, Singapore.

Conclusion: We were not exactly went there for honey mooning. The main intention was..Universal Studio.bahahaha..

Me in front of the hotel. Syukur sgt cz in Singapore and Sentosa the public transport are awesome..so, i don't have to walk much, hence the pain is under control..

I was so impressed when I walked further into this hotel. The design was somehow so different. Every facilities was like placed on top of the roof. Hmm..quite difficult for me to explain. Go there and see it urself k. The place is awesome.
Crap.I was blocking the pool T_T..The pool is soo mcm bes. But I can't go mandi cz remember..I was sick T_T..
The view from my room. I am not quite sure why was there so many kapal. Btw, this resort is located at the Siloso Beach. I think it is the most happening beach in Sentosa.

If i wasn't sick..I really wanna ride that thing!!

Finally...we reach our main destination.haha..the Universal Studio.

the first stop for the visit. Madagascar!!Belom ape2 lg dh terambik gamba yg official..T_T sgd20 kot..cant remember;p tp, the product sgt jelite.irresistable.

I was whining about my pain to my husband all the way untilll...I saw them!!the Penguins!!yey!!!I did hugged them..but the ranger tu warn me not to do that T-T
And then ade Alex, King Julien n Gloria.
There are many more.hihi..
Tibe2 dh x saket ye...

Oh well..I wud like to advice all of you not to go until the facilities are all up for play. I think for now, only half of the rides are open kot. I must say that the roller coaster is one that has amazed me. Ist hard to explain here. You guys must see it urself;)
So, if you guys go now, u'll missed the big rides cz they are mostly not yet ready.

We have to dismiss at 3. I know. It's a waste of ticket. Have to catch the plane. Even though not all rides are open, I had missed many already. Because...I have to catch the plane T_T

OH MY GOD..my entry is getting longer!!

Just realized that booking period starts at 12pm tomoro T_T


  1. pain resulted from what? O_O *buat2 muke blurr* hhahahaha XD u made me think of perverted stuffs. hahahaha XD

  2. thx 4 the info
    mmg teringin nak g universal studio

  3. LA:haha..no no...its so embarrassing;p
    eein:no prob.ade byk lg i cn put in here..tp nnt pnjg sgt T-T



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