Friday, September 17, 2010

My bunga pahar

Salam ladies...

Ok, I got another boring post to share here..hehe

It's about my bunga pahar.
Apparently, I was not able to capture a better view of my bunge pahar T_T...sob2..hopefully there are a few by OP later.

On my wedding day, there are two types of bunga pahar.

One made up of brocket- this is DIY by me. I just love every single thing about it. *bias sbb sendiri buat kot=p*

Another one-made up by crystal flowers. But as u can see..x nmpk pon crystalnye. I don't know but crystals are just do not look good in pictures. sigh..(or it's my camere, I'm not sure). This bunga pahar my kakak tempah.

That's all the short entry about my bunga pahar. All and all, bunga pahar nowadays are still pricey. Unless if u do not bother much about the design, u can get as low as 60cents a piece;)
Choose wisely and good luck to DIY!



  1. honestly yang 1st one tu i suka!! how much it cost for u to diy?

  2. dlm rm5..
    tp if live kan. yg bwh tu lg cantek sbb die crystal2 x menyerlah dlm gamba.dem!lol!

  3. alah......... i think RM5 pon out of budget. nak cantek tapi nak murah. tu yg buat rasa tak mo bunga pahar ni =( ingat nak suruh adek diy...

    i suka yg num 1 tu sbb unique! tang pearl-pearl tu yg jatuh hati!!

  4. oh..kalo mcm tu, bunga tu u can pick yg murah 90% of total price i kt bunge utama tu je..the pearl tu sgt2 murah..rm5 ade seribu kot...hehe..



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