Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful day it is..

Salam n hello=)

Today probably is the second last day before eidulfitri. As far as I cud remember, 1 Syawal has never been so enjoyable as 1 Ramadhan. I don't know why, but the moment of waiting for 1 Syawal rase lg bes pulak..

Maybe the adrenaline dah degrade by days kot..hehe..

It has been a month since my husband took me away..n it's never been this refreshing here in Japan. Since morning, the temperature has never been more than 25 dgree. Its my feveret temperature to be in. Its just that, I cant drink coffee and hubby is at work. Or else, its gonna be the perfect day=)

Oh, to remind me of this one good day, here I would like to wish all of you..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

Mase dulu2..I have never said this with my that I become wiser..I mean it when I said this; Maaf Zahir Batin..really..Apologize if any of my words ever hurt ur feelings.

I guess everybody will be busy cooking for hari raye rite. Most of u sure bz baking ni T_T..I baked some..but I dont have the proper bekas now they masuk angin T_T..
so, I decided to only bake cake jela..

While you guys tgh cop2 kuih tu..I wanna share the montage during my bertandang ceremony.
Actually, hubby n me never intended to have one. Cz we want to keep it simple. Plus, he is not around to accompany me doing all this sweet stuff i have to embrace the fact that I wont have this touching2 display T_T..(which I want so bad since kecik;p)

The montage actually was a surprise gift by his aunt and cousin. We just knew that there was a montage during our mkn beradab. So, that's y I didn't eat well during bertandang walaupun sgt2 sedappppp....!!!

Unfortunately, I could not attach the file here. Tried several times, but it says error.

So, here's the link to MY BERTANDANG MONTAGE.

Final words, to b2b who's counting the days (terutama yg boleh bilang dgn jari..)..please watch ur food intake k..our raya foodies tu dahla byk lemak..haha..

Salam Aidil Fitri=)
QueenForADay di perantauan T_T



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