Thursday, September 30, 2010

beginning of autumn..beginning of our challenge

Salam ladies!!

It's been a while since my last post. Again, it's not because of the time was just again..mental block ;(

Summer has gone. I think.
I always described my perfect day as having a cup of coffee (must b milky;p), lots of magazines and funny readable items and the most important..there's rain outside.hehe..
Oh well, I need rain in Malaysia so that the temperature will go down. I love to open the window during the rain and sit near it. The splashing and the coolness really had lighten my head for the day;)

As autumn approaching, the temperatures are between 19degree to 28. Most of the time, it revolves around 23-27. The sky will be full of clouds...and the breeze is so refreshing. It's when you don't have to apply a thick layer of coat and no, you dont have to be all sweaty.

I love...Autumn!!!Its like a rainy day in Malaysia!!weee...

(the mukaddimah above is actually to cover the sad story below T_T)

The autumn is just started..and I have to..
pindah to Hiroshima..alone!!!waaaaaaaaaaa.........

The newlywed couple who had been in a long distance relationship for 10 years (panjangnye adjective) has to live apart...AGAIN!!T_T

I don't know what God has for us. But it's sure a good thing. InsyaAllah..

Hubby at the konbini (convenient store in Nihongo). It was 130am in the morning..see my stuff there T_T..Sabar je la..sungguh x rela nk pindah T_T

Oh, for those of you who's still questioning y do I need to move ALONE to Hiroshima??
I will be pursuing my study there. InsyaAllah..
(seriously xde semangat lgsg T_T..Dear Allah..please give me strength)

Even Toyohashi and Hiroshima resides in the same country. But it is still an unfavorable condition for us.
The distance between these two places is about 580km. Weekend meeting is almost impossible except if we take shinkansen (the calling for bullet train in nihongo).
Again, it is almost impossible to take shinkansen every week. Coz the cost for return one ride will b about rm1k. That will mean no future for us in latter time T_T..
And so, we are still thinking of the possible ways of meeting one another as frequent as we can be. InsyaAllah..there will be blessings in disguise for us;)

I hope these distance will cause us nothing but making us closer at heart.
*pray hard*

Happy 2nd monthlyversary to a man who had made me fallen in lov everyday..
Once the QueenForADay


  1. I like rain to..I pray everyday is raining here..dugaan dah kawen..mesti bnyk hikmahnya nnt...;)

    hadapi dengan senyuman and gud luck with ur study!!

  2. iedayah:baiklah!since dh belateh selame betahun2 dok jauh..rasenye tiada masalah kot..cume ni kt tpt org..lgla alone T_T
    Q:hihi..kan..refreshing!ok.thank u;)

  3. auww. m sure there'll be more of good things for u guys in the near future. ;)



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