Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank You Ajid=)

Salam ladies..

It's past 1 hour since berbuka time. I just had a small cup of bubur caca while waiting for hubby to come home.'s been like this since then. But, wat to do. He works with japanese yg ske sgt keje T_T..
Called him just now and he's still outside of the office...and it took him 1 hour to reach office back and haf and hour to reach home. So, can u guys imagine at wat time only he cud have his proper meal???

Ok2..back to the topic.

I'm sure you guys have ur own unofficial photographer rite?? I had my own too..He is my cousin who is 17 with a very high passion in photography. He has everything that a photographer might have. U just name it and u jaw will drop open=p haha..

I used his photos to be uploaded in here and also my fb. Hmm...I think gamba2 unofficial are somehow important cz by the time photos from OP dpt, u r already pengantin basi=p My mom siap cuci all the photos lg cz cannot wait for the OP. hehe..

Called him Ajid and just discovered he also got a blog=) and
guess what??my wedding photos are featured in it=) besaaaa punye=p

take a look HERE

Oh, I don't have the chance to thank him for his hard work covering all ceremonies. Oh, I tell u, he did all for free=) Thank you Ajid =)

Oh crap! I cudn't find any photos of me with him (lumrah photographer xde dlm gambar)..
But, I managed to find one..hihi..

Spotted!Ajid at the most right..checking his hp kot..

That's all about my unofficial photographer (unOP)



  1. unofficial photog ni penting jugak tau. sorg jer mana best. kalo ramai baru la leh lagak artis. haha

  2. apekah gambar ini yg diletak?? hahaha XD

  3. redha je la..son siap buat wallpaper T_T..modal nk wat gelak T_T

  4. HAhahaha XD sabar je la sonn tu. haha



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