Friday, September 24, 2010

Did you...or will you??

Salam and Ohayou!!

It's a very nice morning today. So cool (not cold) that I am feeling fresh when I woke up this morning..hmm..this is what I lov in Japan..we don't really need aircond;p hihi..

Because my surrounding is so refreshing...I decided to do something (something???npk sgt xde keje sampai kene reke keje T_T).
Nk wat ape yek??sume keje x seronok..
yesh!!I decided to start with updating my blog with a new post;)

Tp tajuk yg I had in mind all need me to write a long post which I am not in the mood for that right now.

Therefore, I came out for this topic=p ahahah

For the ex-b2b, did u guys cried during ur solemnization??
For the b2b, will you??


Yes, I did cried immediately after they said -->SAH.

Ok, I think every bride who cried has their own reason for the tears.
For me, I was so sedey when I saw my mom n my sister.
As for my mom, I was so worried about her. Cause the only child who always teman her doing stuff was me. I was always the one to do the small things with her=( now I am so worried for her. And always I am the one who like to force her taking her meds. Nobody in the house wud have time to do that except me T_T now I have to always message my sister to remind her of that.

The one who cries with me in that photo is my sister.
Yeah..I cried the most when I hugged her.
I was soo sad cause by marrying my hubby ni, my life wudnt be d same anymore. I cannot be the sister who always go jln2 n buang mase with her nymore. A lot of things wudnt be d same. Tambah2, I moved to Japan as soon as I had the wife title.
There's a lot of things that I found I lost whenever I was entitled a wife.

But, no worries, solemnization ceremony is not at all a sad moment.
Everybody around you, especially both families mmg all happy celebrating our union and also theirs la kan.
Even I felt sad in some part of my heart, I did feels the joy of being halal for the man that I love. And yes, you did feel peace at last;)

Hopefully, this post has helped to clarify the feeling of us the ex-bride;)


  1. i almost cried... sbb mmg i berdoa supaya x menangis... semua org tau i senang nngs.. tp sib baik x nngs.. hehe

  2. oh, i pulak mmg susah nk nanges except kalo melibatkan bole nanges kt majlis bahagie T_T

  3. yes i did cried. when i saw my family menangis. but we all menangis for a good cause. :)



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