Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dulu fesbuk, now this!

Salam hunniess (plural..haha)

Again, no wedding-related post=p Gomennasai...

Saje nk bgtau that now.. I am officially addicted to.....

this loaf T_T

Before we got married, we are eventually a long distance couple for about 10 years. He has been staying in Japan, yes, that long. Sms is the way we expressed our feeling. Wheneve I get sms from him, it's like a drug to me, and serotonin was released. I don't get to go dating frequently, but our style of connection has somehow given me the satisfaction.

During our everyday communication, I alwiz asked him about his meal of the day. And guess what, he ate this loaf every morning. I was feeling pity towar
ds him. And I used that fact to literally tortured him (by telling what I ate that day in Malaysia-roti canai la..nasi lemak la..yadda yadda).

Now, he introduced this loaf to me...and the taste is like..I don't know how to explain with words..sedap sgt...
And now I know why he ate it every morning for the past several years.

Currently, this has been my feveret snack. I love the slice to be mildly toasted. and very thin layer of strawberry layer on top..ughhh...sedap nye..
My day wud b perfect if the weather is around 25-30 degree, with this roti and calpis soda..sedapnye....

Afraid that I might get fat becoz of my new addiction ni..T_T

Tambah2 when I tried making pizza using the roti..terlalu sedap dpd yg kt kedai..waa...I have to stop this addiction!!but the roti is irresistable T_T

Am considering to make this roti as a souvenir when I get back to Malaysia..hihi


  1. haha..roti letak jem je..tp sedap...LOL!;p

  2. MAKAN dalam keadaan kedinginan bertambah lagi sejuk

  3. OMG.....sedapnyeeeeeeeeee......please DO CONSIDER that as souvinir coz me want! hehehe

  4. baby dlm tummy aku pun nak jugak. :D

  5. LA:emhh..mmg dh tefikir mcm tu pon..hihi..
    faie:OMG..cannot elak ni..for d baby ni..saidah pon mengidam soda jepon jgk..okeh..kalo stakat roti n soda no problemo! (sambil ikat kain kt kpale;p)



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