Monday, November 15, 2010

How I met other Malaysians

Salam girls..

I hope all of u are doing fine despite of the wedding preps. Year end, besides being awaited for sales, it is also gonna b a wedding season!free foods everywhere yo!oh, I don't know whether I am missing Malaysian weddings yet. Let's see if I do=)

It's been a long silence since my last post with lots and lots of pictures=p and the latest with lots of words=p I bet the CST team will get green to read it till the end. Me oso didn't read it back =p ahah..anyways, I never re-examine anything pon T_T

I was actually busy with studies. This is the price you have to pay when you want to work with Japanese T_T I'm taking a few minutes of from the never-ending journals reading to share something interesting here.

Oh, speaking about Japanese, I just knew that..married woman only work from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. here. Even the doctors??T_T No wonder 95% of my colleagues here are men..and everybody looks like Takuya Kimura in a brighter version T-T bape jam je keje. But, salary wise, I am not sure. They must have special something to balance their 'long' working hours kan. No wonder la my supervisor's secretary mcm magic.pagi ade, pastu xde T_T

As everybody knows, I am living in an apartment special only for international students in Hiroshima. Besides well-known for it's breath taking view, autumn also famous for ..festivals. Because of it's nice weather most of the festivals are organized in this season. This includes the I-House Open Day, where us, the residents from various countries could sell our foods, and also promoting our country.

I thought I was alone. Oh well, I was aware that there's a family from Malaysia staying in the same building, but they said they are not around during the I-House festival. So, I kept thinking that I was alone and nothing I could do. Plus, I didn't took this thing so seriously. Why? Because I have no idea what will be happening during the festival. I got nobody to tell me about it!

Then, on the Sunday morning (where I refused to wake up), I decided to go see what's the festival is all about. When I stepped out of the building..I was smiling. There were a lot of people around our building. There's tents placing stalls from different countries. Reminds me of cultural day back in UM. It's just that this one, u got more choices coz there were more countries involved. And, what made me smiled? Becoz the buyer were all Japanese. So, this festival really were promoted well by the city hall to their locals=) So, if I was the participants, I will feel so glad to promote our food to them. They really were curious about everything!

I was so envy looking at Indonesian here. They were very united. And they mmg ramai kt sini. Serious ramai. If in proportion, like 1:50 kot.or more.

I enjoyed eating that day. Lucky me, there were booth from Bangladesh, Iran and Indonesia. So, halal-wise, no worries=)
OMG..I forgot the name of the Indonesian who made me the bakso. But, she always2 tegor me when we met=) oh, and she gave me extra potion lg=p They open the booth to collect money for Mangsa Merapi n gempa bumi. Al-Fatihah to all victims.

Yes, Malaysia no booth T_T..I really hate to answer that when people were asking.

This is me and Ulfah at the Indonesia's booth. Ok, u just seen her here. U haven't see the whole batalion yet. All with colourful costumes. Their booth really well prepared. tsk2..I wish I had time to snap it.
Ulfah is really a nice person. I am glad to meet her=)Now I can perform my prayer dgn lebih khusyuk=)

Me with my friend from Bangladesh. They are also a Muslim. The lady in saree named Atia. She was so nice. She's been helping a lot. Such a pretty creation kan she??oh, that's the husband. and the Japanese is our director.
Malaysian booth. These were the only thing that we got T_T..warisan dpd tahun2 lepas. Personally, I was ashamed to present my country with pamphlets yg I sendiri pon x paham. But at least we got something. My friend told me last year, Malaysia's booth was just consisted of chairs, table and...flag=| So, at least this year, there were us waiting there. I will be the one who gave infos in English T_T

Interesting facts that I found during jage booth:

1) Indonesia is more popular than Malaysia. Yes, that's the fact. I have started to realize this now. Even in Nihongo class, if they wanted to show examples from Asia, there's always be Indonesia.

2) Japanese got confused between Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Lot's of people were asking us, what makes u different from Indonesia and Singapore?? It's hard since they knew better about these two countries than ours. So, usually they will question us back.

3) Most of them were asking what is 'konnichiwa' Bahasa Melayu?? We answered 'apa khabar'
and they made a confused face and said "I just came back from Indonesia booth and they said apa khabar too."

4) A few men passed by our booth and asked me which country are you from. I proudly answered "Malaysia." He made faces. I could see the big question mark on their head. And they said "Dr. Mahathir??". Oh, I was so relieved. and he quickly take a seat to hear more=) And most of the time I have to listen to them about Dr. M.

5) There's an old man came asking us about twin tower. And he asked us, this twin tower was made by Korean and Japanese right?which part of this building originally from you?? I ran because I didn't want to listen to the rest.

6) Most of the Japanese who came to our booth came to test their english, especially old men.

7) Most of the comers were old men=p and full of curiosity.

8) There's an old man..chasing us wherever we go coz he liked to talk to us soo much. He didn't stop apologizing for the perang jepon-malaya dulu. Didn't stop. And a few more.

9) When the booth was about to close, there's a guy. Quite young..but not teenage young, approached me. He was so polite and asked me about my scarf. Why did I need to wear them? So I need to wear them everyday, every minute?? I was so happy to answer that. At least I got the chance to clear out about us, Muslim women, even though to just one man=)

Malaysian in the Hiroshima City. Before this we lost each other. Now we met and are so full of spirit for next I-house festival. I really cannot accept any more embarrassment again. Siap la thn depan!dh pandai wat karipap ni!huh!Unfortunately, next year, only me left alone in I-house. The other have to move out since they all dh lame, their naseb will depends on me T_T
So, I decided to tubuhkan Malaysia community in Hiroshima City. As a celebration of penubuhan..kite nyanyi dulu=p walopon 4 org je org Malaysia kt sini T_T bole kot setakat nk jual karipap=p

Kesimpulannye..I love Malaysia!

Before this, I hate myself who talks so much. Now, I think I can see the good side of it=)


  1. hi..u study apa kat hiroshima..dulua da budak kosen dan jugak budak dai di hiroshima..and agak ramai jugak..skrg JPA dah tak hantar dah yer?

  2. hi=) oh, yg ramai tu di saijo.i am in hiroshima city.kasumi kampus for medical.

  3. japannese slalu kenal DR M. PM kite yg paling femes. tp cam menciks jer org tanya apa beza indon ngan malaysia... hermmm

  4. yes..mule2 mcm tu la nk wat cemane..dh serumpun seryes I couldnt understand indonesia's language lorr...

  5. Ehhh...bokan lho tere ke bahsa indon? hahaha :D

  6. hahahha...setuju...ko bukan teror ke bhasa indon A+++++ kan???

  7. tp terer ckp indon ngan yg bukan indon je T_T



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