Friday, November 5, 2010

Outdoor with trees

Salam everyone,

Every perantins mesti nk amek gamba outdoor kan??even you don't want pon it's already in package. U got nothing to lose=)

My plan was bersanding awal, i.e at 1230 so that we could finish early. I want to finish the latest at 4.15 so that I can solat zohor. So, at 3.30, no matter what, I have to leave the dewan and head to the outdoor session.
So, we did.
For my majlis, the timing was just nice as most of the food were almost finished by that time and the hall was also getting emptier at that hour.

For reception at my side, we decided to have an outdoor session with a lot of green as the background.
The choice of spot was not many. I want it to be near and easy to reach as I want to be back home before Zohor ends. So, we chose Taman Jaya. It'a 15 minutes from my house (if x jem).

The taman is a place where I usually jogged in the morning.
It has a man-made lake, beautiful view and also many people=p

Oh, this taman is located in the middle of PJ newtown. Near to Amcorp Mall and A&W to be specific=p
Look at the above photo, there's amcorp building.

Few of the rest in the CD=p

Ok, that's it. Not so many coz of the time constraint..hmm..another reason to have post-wedding photoshoot kan??=)



  1. Wani...I looooooove gambar kamu yang last tu. tapi....plis suruh ur OP edit kasik hilang sama itu bricks kat tepi pokok tu. huhuhu T_T

  2. last is what i like 9and hope to do) but actually sangat susah.. so, you are lucky to get it done by your photog!!



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