Thursday, November 25, 2010

Eid Adha but shrines??

Salam everyone..

It's been a while since my last post. I was busy and keliru dgn idea2 post yang melambak2 tp bile nk tules..telupe;p

Oh well, as u guys had noticed, my love story awal2 dh kalah=p ahaha..

Actually, I am having fever at the moment. I guess it is due to the sudden weather change as well as not having enough rest. In spite of this, I am all glad to get demam so I have reason to stay at my husband's=) Now I know that I cannot stay in Nagoya more than 3 nights or else I will refuse to leave. Like now...T_T..

Like I have just mentioned about overflowing of ideas but don't know how to pick up for the entry. So, the easy way will be..looking from the photos collections. So, I did. And decided to share with you guys my experience celebrating eid adha in Japan..A.L.O.N.E.

My supervisor granted me with a day break. At first I was filled with doubt. Do I really need a day break??In the middle of mountains of papers to study??For eid adha which I didn't know where and how to celebrate it ALONE?? Oh well, my husband was worse when he just realized it was raya when the day will end in 2 hours T_T Well, back to my story; I decided to just join a prayer held in a hall at the International House (where I live=p).

On the day, at 9 I went to the hall. Not many people were coming. That was I have expected since not many muslim in Hiroshima City. Most of them live in the countryside where the main campus is located. I was the only woman from Malaysia..and I was wearing a pant and shirt while everybody else were in their best dress T_T..huhu..I think you guys could guess who had dominating the crowd right ^_^V

After the prayer, there were refreshments yg sgt2 sedap..and patutla it suits my taste coz all were Malaysian dishes=p hihi.. But, I was keeping some space for eid adha special meal by Atia and husband.
Here it is. Bangladeshis' eid adha meal I guess=) The taste was quite the same with Indian food in, I can eat it like nobody cares=p

Later on the day, I decided to follow them to this one famous tourist attraction in Japan. I think it is now the no.3 a-must-go- place in Japan. What made me so desperate to go was..all people around me were talking about the beauty of this place during autumn. It seems like everybody has gone to the place! I thought the place can always wait for me. Then I learnt that the beauty of autumn could only be experienced in 3 weeks when the leaves are still red and attached. So, I really have to make it to Miyajima before the weather getting colder. Apparently, this year, people said that the winter will arrive faster than any other years. Luckily, Atia and husband welcomed me to join them for the visit. Pity them cause by tagging me along, their private time will be limited.

It was easy to get to Miyajima when you are in the city. You can take electric train, tram or bus. That day we took tram (street car) which had saved us a lot. With tram, it took us about 50 minutes (train will take you much faster than that). Miyajima is actually an island. So, from the tram station a we have to board onto a ferry. Do not Japan..I must say that waiting time is ZERO.

Me on the cruising ferry. Oh well, the cruise took about 10 minutes=) And the ferry also so convenient..ade seat yg proper.

Sampai je..I was surprised to see deers..Yes..deers like in the photos..they were among humans..and begging for food. They'll stop and follow you if you smelt like food=p hihi..From the pictures you can see they were begging for the cakes from the lady. Some of them did sit a while a fed the deers. I love to see the view of it. That's why I forgot to snap the pictures also..forgot to feed the deer=p
More deers as you walk further

Miyajima is famous for shrines. Especially Itsukushima Shrine, as shown in this picture. The shrine is sooo huge and magical, I must say.
Warning about the deers are put everywhere..but seriously..they don't seem to be wild. They were everywhere walking with us!passing through stalls and sniffing you everywhere T_T
One of the pagoda which we able to get a picture with...long story..
The first all red mapple trees I saw in my entire life. It was soo red, solid red..and..shiny!like a car spray!haha..
I was happy to finally be here..but, I was missing my husband badly that it was reflected so well on my face T-T..
A cable car trip to go onto the top of Miyajima hills. Yes, there were many hills. I heard the announcer told us about the shrine located at the highest peak (which we have to walk to it, and no thanks).
It's ok, from here I can already seen the beauty of Allah's creation. MashaAllah..and seriously, it was so cold!I could barely open my eyes due to strong wind. And I was missing my husband more when I reached here. I think I left my soul somewhere down the hills T-T
I hate most of my photos from Miyajima face was awkward!blame husband=p This is one photo yg agak decent and I OK. Look!a deer passing by!

The night before, my husband convinced me to go with Atia and husband. Cause made sense right..My husband had reminded me of some things that I might enjoy during the visit.

My husband knows that I love seafood. So, he told me that the best oyster he had tasted was in Miyajima. Yes, the island is really famous for oyster..I know. And I went searched for it. Look at the photo..can you guys put that in your mouth??T_T..and yeah..when you eat them, you gotta drink along the juice left in the shell=| Can u imagine how nausea I was when looking at this. ANd bare in mind that I used my own naked eye..n nose=| Definitely, I won't put 'that thing' inside my mouth!!. But due to my trust to my husband..I close my eyes..n put the whole thing in my mouth..this has resulted to a decade of phobia towards oyster..I was running for ice cream immediately after I swallow them..eeyukkkss!!I gave the rest to Atia's husband as he really enjoyed eating eat!
This is the stall..Lots more as you walk along the food street.
We regretted not to be able to capture the moment of sunset. huhu..cpt sgt fall T_T
Besides, Miyajima also famous for..senduk kayu??I thought my husband was joking!Most of the souvenirs sold there are senduk kayu..n sgt mhl!I just bought one..huhu

That's how I spent my eid adha. No ketupat rendang and kampung T_T..I have no regret about it. I was convinced that one day, I will be able to eat that again. No offence about it=) It's just that..I want my husband T_T

I had sacrificed a lot to be with the one I love..(although..not that close and normal). I wish one day we will be able to stay close like normal married couple T_T..sabar..sabar..

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