Friday, November 26, 2010

Suami Isteri Igauan

Salam ladies..

Another post again..hihi..after long silence..hah amek ko!=p

I think I owe lots of posts. tsk2..I know2..I'll try to review the comments again and trying to refresh back what I had owed u guys=p one of them was pink paper bag=p lol! SCR had posted her version..naseb baek..still, I owe my version kan??T_T

Dulu2..I had a dream to share with you guys wedding presents which was not listed in the wishlist, but very useful indeed=)

Also, I had promised one of the reader about 'ciri2 suami igauan' which I read from a book. This book is one of our wedding present. we could not remember who gave us the book T_T..missed the card already T-T..But, we really appreciate it.

During my housewife period, I managed to read most of the contents.
One of the topic attracted me was..'ciri2 suami igauan mengikut syariat Islam'. Before this I thought only a few ciri2 je for you to find in a man to make him a husband. Apparently, ade byk lg..
Wedding gift..buku panduan for each of us=) Honestly, we never buy any motivational book like this before this=p not even think to buy. and didn't even think about having it as wedding present.
Characteristics to be a good husband. If your husband does not fulfill the list, he can always change to the better=) If your husband is all of the list..Alhamdulillah..
I was so excited to read this part..and starting to analyze my husband..I was so 'frustrated' as he fulfills all the list T_T..But deep down I am sooo happy..(he is too good to be true T_T)

The two photos above are ciri2 isteri..Oh well..I am not yet perfect. A lot for me to work on definitely!
Have you girls fulfill all of it??

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